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Thread: screw removal from leg

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    screw removal from leg

    Besides my spinal cord injury My femur was broken. the doctors are considering removing a screw from my lower femur becasue they feel that it is causing my to leg spasm more than It should. I am a little nervous about this, but they said this may be the cause. Has anyone else ever had a screw removed because of the possiblity they are causing spasms ?

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    Is the screw loose? This can occur, and if the bone is completely healed, removing it is relatively minor surgery. There is some risk of infection though. If you had sensation and a loose screw, it would be painful, so yes, it could be causing your increased spasticity, but I would not assume that removing it would be a guarantee to correct any spasticity you have.


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    the screw is not loose, but it seems to be sticking out a little. I cannot feel it, because i do not have any feelings or sensations below my waist

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    Even if you cannot consciously feel it, your body below your injury level still "feels" the pain, which is why this could be causing increased spasticity.


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    We do screw removals in our office. The last procedure I assisted with was removing one bc it had worked its way further out the bottom. It was extremely painful for the pt and she couldn't do any weight bearing on that foot. Like KLD said, even though you don't feel it and aren't putting pressure on it, your body is aware of it.

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    I also suffered a broken femur (left) with my SCI but, i haven't experienced any spasms because of the screws or other metal in my leg.

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    I've had surgery to remove a screw, then further surgery to remove a rod, both from tibia/fibia. The reason they removed both was that there was an infection. Both surgeries were done under general anaesthetic because of bad spasms - although they did consider doing the first just under local. But my legs are very active so they went for general instead. It was a drag going into hospital again, but the surgery and recovery went pretty well, both times I was in for about 3-4 days. Wounds healed pretty quickly considering everything. Course of antibiotics and wound dressing post surgery. This was all in the year following my injury.
    As regards the spasms, I did have them bad, but I still do so I don't know how much the infection/screw/rod affected them. I still have more metal in my femur, but no plans to remove it.

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    Shawn, you would have been in spinal shock and had minimal or no spasticity at the time you were recovering from your broken leg. In addition, not everyone has problems with pain from rods or screws, in fact it is unusual to have to remove this hardware. Most often it is just left in place with no problems.


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