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Thread: is anyone FRRRREEEEZZZZZIIINNNGGG all the time?

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    is anyone FRRRREEEEZZZZZIIINNNGGG all the time?

    i'm sooooo cold all the time i'm relegated to my room. i can barely post for alln the shivering.. it' been like this from the moment i started having sensation, about 6 mons after injury. any tips? how do you deal with?
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    Sorry I can't help but for 9-10 months of the year I feel cold.
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    i have found that i am most comfortable when it is 85 and higher. not in the bright sun though, otherwise i am always in a sweatshirt or more below 75.
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    same as nicotico... i'm chilly tonight in Atl., but the temp. dropped 18 degrees from yesterday..

    layers and a good heater to sit close to..

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    Dress in layers.

    Many find that long underwear is very helpful. This can be silk, wool, or polyprop.

    Wear a hat (a stocking cap at night can help a lot)

    Keep your heat higher (use safe space heaters in a location where you cannot come in contact with them with your chair or body parts and not know it).

    Avoid hot water bottles, microwave heated "blue ice" or heating pads. I have seen some really bad burns. Even electric blankets can be dangerous if you don't have good sensation.

    A heated waterbed can work well for night-time too.


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    i'm not sure if you have the eqiupment avaiable. But if u have wrist cuffs or anything, or if u can do an arm bike try it. I use to be always freezing and if it happens I start to work out, lift weights, move around more or go outside where its sunny, and super hot out. Then i come back and i Feel alot better. The more layers i put on the colder i seemed to get, it only got better when I got my heart rate up. Hope this helps!
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    During my first year or so following injury I was very sensitive to cold and heat. My temp control has improved as time has passed, but I still get chilled every once in a while, it's extremely aggravating. It's common though, after sci a person becomes sort of semi coldblooded so your temperature changes with the environment instead of regulating itself at 98.6 F. Make sure you don't have a fever and keep a warm blanket or sweater/sweatshirt handy. For me it seemed that if I waited until I was really shivering that it was harder to get warm. Prevention is the key I guess.

    definitely what coffee said, getting active helps. The more I would try to ball up and sit still the colder i would get.
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    I agree with coffee. Back in Feb (?) I went to the local Winter Carnival. I got super cold, and never warmed up. Touching me, I feel warm, but in my mind I was cold. I could sit here and sweat on my cushion, but I would shiver. Darndest thing.'s been that way til yesterday. My dad sent me an oxycycle to see if it would help with my leg problems. I used it for 15 min--10 min into it I "felt my feet warm up" and haven't been cold since. Somewhat unfortunate since I'm now sitting here half naked with a fan blowing on me for the first time this summer. LOL

    The only down side I see is an increase in my neuro pain -- but I am hoping that will go away with use. The family seems to think it's due to the "workout" my legs haven't seen in a year. Today marks 1 year since my fall. My chair was ordered on May 26th and went from "as needed it when having trouble walking" to "I'm in it if I want to go anywhere."

    Edit: found the thread - it was january.
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    I've found the ideal temp for me is 79-81°F. I bought a digital thermometer with inside and outside sensors because I was suspicious that the thermostat was lying. I was right. I have to set the thermostat to almost 85° to get the house to 79°. Anything below 79° and I get cold. Below 79° and I start feeling cold, above 81° and I'm hot.

    The only problem is if I come in after being outside for a while, my body temp is higher than my normal, and when I come home to an 80° house, it feels hot now. I have to remind myself to set the thermostat to keep the house at 75° so I can cool off when I get home.
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    For 8 yrs. after my c5-6 injury I was having problems with cooler weather, and I live in s. florida. It was solved when I had my neck x-rayed and the doc notice my cord was rubbing against the spine. After the operation I was back to normal. Good luck!

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