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Thread: Brother's Graduation

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    Brother's Graduation

    Hey all:

    I'm not sure if this was supposed to fall under the recreation forum, but I felt like it belonged here. My brother is graduating from UC Santa Barbara this Saturday. We live five hours away by car, so we're gonna be crashing at a hotel Friday night, Saturday night and leaving Sunday. We (me my mom and my brother's godfather and cousin) reserved a couple of rooms one of which being accessible, naturally. My question is: I know it's accessible, but what should I bring along anyway in regards to bowel issues, (I'm pretty strong and have no problems doing this independently at home on a commode) seeing that I probably don't want to be hauling my commode along with me. If anybody has done like a weekend roadtrip and crashed at an accessible hotel, what went right and what went wrong? Any input is greatly appreciated. When the hotel said accessible, they have those all too familiar bars we know in the handicapped bathrooms. Are these gonna be enough for me to lift myself up on. By the way, I do not use suppositories, just digital stimulation. Thanks in advance!

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    They usually have a very accessible shower. Call to find out and
    maybe you can do your thing in there?

    Congratulations to your brother.

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    I have also a couple of times found that the door itself to some “accessible” hotel bathrooms has not been as accessible as they like to name them. Then I have contacted the hotel staff upon arrival and they have removed (lifted the door off the hinges) the door completely to the bathroom when I have stayed there. I mean, sometimes the door is in the way for the wheelchair regardless how much you try to sneak around it. As for doing the thing, like Buch N said.

    Congratulations to your bro from me too and good luck.
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    Thanks for the input, B-nasty and Lief. I guess I'll have to call them up and try to explain the exact situation to them. What about the actual graduation? If I don't douse myself with sunblock am I gonna internally combust? Should I bring an umbrella or a sombrero or something? I'm not a big fan of sunblock, but I've heard horror stories of SCIs being out in the sun and then having heat stroke.

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    A mister of some sort. If you stay wet, it's like sweating. I like to have something to fan myself with too. Hat or umbrella, yep. Have fun!

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