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Thread: Missed The Rally; Another Reason To

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    I've kinda been there...rofl...

    I am not sci, but I do have a spastic colon/irritable bowel syndrome...(I won't go ANY further...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim C.
    It's a good day to lack sensory in my groin, with that surprise kick from you, lol.
    I sure wouldn't want to work for me.
    Daily, difficult, dig-stimming, at times bloody bowel programs into a friggin bucket under my shower chair, and ass clean ups are enough for me.
    The simple fact in NY is that it's just a no brainer to pass up a quad job for a 'driving miss daisy' job when they pay the same.

    ps; unless i stop shitting altogether, can I?

    I wish we could quit shitting, Tim! No, maybe it's my central-US perspective, but I'm surprised that kind of $$ doesn't pull them in. I know it's icky work (to put it mildly), I guess I wondered how the rest of the day goes. Hard to put a pretty spin on the bowels, for sure.

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