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    ? Baclofen Pump

    I am confused about the baclofen pump. Is it really helpful? My DR. thinks I should get one- I research it online and get different opinions - Medtronics website states it is great and some of you say it is ok and others don't like. I am afraid to have anything else put in my poor body. I had burst fracture t-12 & L2 - lots of hard ware holding me together. Now I have tremendous amount of tone and because the weather has been lousey the last several weeks my pain levels and tone are off the charts. I am sad and depressed and can barely keep it together - any suggestions besides the pump?

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    There's a pump group on Yahoo where you should be able to get lots of good info. Anyone got the link? Seems like it was called something like Pumpers.

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    I am sorry you are experiencing this. Would you be kind enough to explain what you mean by the word "tone". Does that mean you are having the SENSATION of cramping or that you are having intermittent spasms, or are you are having actual hard muscle cramps, or constant, longlasting increased muscle tone? Also, WHERE? What brings it on?
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    I have constant spasm in legs and feet - it feels like my muscle are always on- burning pain- hot- cold- toes curled up-"the horror of it all"

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    The group is Pumpsters.

    Any doctor worth his salt will do a test before implanting a pump. It may require a few days stay in the hospital with an external pump.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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