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    Need Advice

    Hi Everyone, I need some advice on a stim unit- I want something small and portable. I'd love to hear about what everyone else uses, and maybe get some links to them. Appreciate any advice you can give.

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    Bruce recommended this one from pain technology that is like $150 or so ... I know a bunch of people have followed suit.

    Cory uses the one by EMPI which is about $800 after all the discounts for private pay have been processed. I had tried to get my insurance to pay for an EMPI 300PV (unsuccessfully) and now have some generic unit rented from my DME. I'll probably try the one from pain technology next.

    eta link.

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    Cathy has a Neuromove. It has 3 attachmnts (one sensor and two electrodes), and prompts you to try to move. When it senses your attempt above a certain threshold, it stimulates the muscle. It can also be used in manual mode.

    If you cannot stimulate above the threshold, it lowers teh threshold until you can. It then progressively raises the threshold as you go.

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