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    Cool Hi

    Hi Everyone,
    Im New Name Is Cassy,i Believe I Have Ms Or Tm.i Am In The Process Of Being Dxd,i Have Been Sick For 3 Yrs.,but I Have Become Disabled This Past Yr. I Have Many Symptoms.i Wont List Them All But I Deal With Stabbing And Burning Pain,weakness,and Leg Spasms Everyday Of My Life.i Thought I Had Ms Until I Started Researching Tm.i Would Love To Talk To Anyone Who Is Interested On Sharing Stories.take Care

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    Wink ım emrah

    hı cassy

    ım emrah from turkey, ı red your little story here and ı want to write to you.ım spinal cord paralysis. ı tought we can meet and be friends. my english is not so good. sorry for it.have a nice day. see u soon. if u wanna talk from yahoo messenger.
    my adress is: ok

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    Cassey, Hi and welcome. Unfortuanantly I haven't been on here much lately. Been sick a lot and in bed.

    Normally a MRI that includes the brain and a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) to examine your spinal fluid is done to diagnose MS and TM. TM normally hits you hard and fast. One day you wake up fine and that evening your legs don't work kind of thing. MS is slower and sneaky. It creeps up on you. It may start with a few weeks of feeling a bit off balance or maybe your eyes seem to not focus quite right. Whatever the symptoms they normally go away and months or even years later something else goes weird especially urinary problems may appear.

    Have you been seen by a neurologist? If not what does your primary care doctor say?
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