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Thread: SCI Rehab facility - question for KLD

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    SCI Rehab facility - question for KLD

    Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    snip< and I cannot recommend either Northridge or Daniel Freeman any more. >

    KLD, I am curious as to why you cannot recommend Northridge anymore. Appreciate your thoughts.

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    Some of the staff and doctors that were there formerly who really were the experts have left. I have had some poor reports of the rehab there lately from people who have been there.


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    Rehab Medicine DR

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Some of the staff and doctors that were there formerly who really were the experts have left. I have had some poor reports of the rehab there lately from people who have been there.

    Here I am some 11 years later searching for Drs with expertise in SCI patients. My husband was hospitalized with cellulitis and about 6 bugs, thankfully all sensitive to antibiotics caused I believed by compression wrapping for leg ulcers for a year and recently I believe the cause of this issue they have been wrapped too tightly. Done by a wound care center once a week for several months. He was turned away from the emergency room twice and would have been this last time had I not created a fuss. We no longer live together but I still assist him and speak to him daily.

    He has now been transferred to a nursing home to help him regain his independence. The wound on his left foot caused by the compression bandages is too painful to allow him to bear weight. He was treated with meropenen and is now on oral levaquin. His physician tried to tell me that he is not quadriplegic because he can move his hands. (c3/4 inc 2003) It is amazing how ignorant the medical community is.

    I wanted to get a second opinion about his condition and thought we could take him to Northridge rehab but they appear to have closed. He is in Rancho Mirage in the palm springs area. I live in Ventura County. Searching for help somewhere. Any suggestions?

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    There is a rehab center at Desert Hospital in Palm Springs, but they do not specialize in SCI. I would recommend either Loma Linda University Hospital or Casa Colina in Pomona, but they are not really wound care centers; if he needs more rehabilitation for his recovery, they may be options (depending on his insurance).

    Not sure why you say Northridge is closed. Here is their website:

    Actually many people with SCI are subject to cellulitis, and we don't know the cause. I assume the leg ulcers he had were for venous ulcers (which are treated with compression wraps) and not pressure ulcers (injuries). He should be evaluated for venous insufficiency and perhaps have surgical treatment if indicated. Unlikely that venous ulcers will heal just with off-loading, and edema control is vital in this process.

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