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Thread: Family & Spinal Cord Injury

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    Thank you for the article. I too am a caregiver, to my daughter who is 7. Just because we are not disabled doesnt mean that we dont feel or experience what SCI feel and experience. Just with us caregivers they dont have to go it alone. Plus my hopes, dreams and prayers are the same, if not more, than theres. So in all reality we are the same.

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    Marm .. ditto to your words about Raven .... she's CareCure's treasure for sure ... and thanks for posting this thread .... to the rest of you .. never never be afraid to post here ... we circle the wagons pretty quick when its necessary ... and then of course when all else fails there's always the rocks to hide behind ..... Peace ...

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    thanks so much for the article! It was very insightful! I've often wondered about the effects of SCI on my children and other family members. Thank you for your kind words and your comments. Thank you!
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