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Thread: Being Content With Where You Live..

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    i've been to mackay and the whitsundays nearby are insanely beautiful, there is an island off of airlie that i visited two days in a row that i can see myself at right now. are those ferries accessible? home is where my toothbrush is, i'm just waiting to go to heaven.
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    i agree with the family thing, assuming you have good relations with your family. my family have all passed away since my injury, but i have a family of friends where i am happy living. i chose the area, then found the "family."

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    I'm with Dan on this one: home is definitely where the heart is!

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    I would love to move...

    ...somewhere where it's warmer...I always wanted to live in a lighthouse and make sand castles in the friend from FL sends me pictures of the ocean and the beach...I want to be there so bad...For Christmas one year, he sent me the "beach"...a bucket of seashells and some sand from FL to play in...which was nice of

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