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Thread: Wheelability PHC III hand controls

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    one very important note with these handcontrols

    Do not, I repeat, do not let anybody drive the car using the foot pedals with these controls installed. The gas pedal will stick and it will cause an accident. When I first got mine I nearly got run over by my own car when I was having a mechanic pull my car into the garage for an oil change.

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    We are looking at these for our son. 21 years old and SCI T5-T6 incomplete. We did apply for DVR however the time line is very long Wait 60 days and then you might be on a waiting list. The cost of evaluation and installed hand controls is well over $2,000.00. He does not have a permanat car at this point either. Looking in to the purchase of these controls. I see this was posted in 2006. Anyone have any concerns or reviews in a more recent purchast? Thanks.

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