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Thread: body temp & uti

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    body temp & uti

    could a low body temp be either a cause or a sympton for uti?

    i had a uti treated late may [19th] and since then i have been monitoring my temp daily. i noticed that my body temp tends to run low [94-95] on a normal basis. a couple of days ago my temp was really low ~93. today my uti is back.

    could the low temp be associated w/ the uti?

    is it a symptom?
    or could be a risk factor?

    also, why is it i don't feel cold even when my body temp registers low?
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    People with spinal cord injury have problems regulating their body temperature. It's very common for temps to run as low and 94-95. 93 is stretching it but I have never associated this as a cause of UTI. I suspect it's more of a coincidence.


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    I usually get a low body temp when I have a UTI. around 94 or less. Im not sure why it is, possibly the UTI affects circulation??
    Last time i had a UTI I couldn't get my thermometer to register even after sitting under blankets all day my temp was still way low.
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    I actually just coincidentally posted about this in another thread in this forum. Chad's temp plummets when he has a UTI. For him, it's a sure sign of a real UTI, not just cloudy urine.
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    should i go by how i feel or how my body feels?
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