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Thread: What's the arrangement? Care and your Sig Other

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    ...although all the research on family caregivers indicate that it shortens your life and puts your health in jeapordy too. If you can at all afford it, get some part-time help at least. You will be a more rested, more fun spouse to be with.

    Wow what's the theory behind this?
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    for the most part, I do my own thing. Boog gives a helping hand with dressing, showers, etc or whatever I need from time to time. Pain limits me more than my injury.

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    Ron, it is thought that the combination of stress, and also not taking the time to attend to their own health, ignoring aches and pains, feeling they can't get sick or go to see a doctor because they are too busy caring for the family member, and that their complaints/symptoms are not as serious as their family member's that combine to increase this risk.

    I personally have seen people ignore symptoms of early cancer when acting as a caregiver until it was so late that no treatment could be successful in treating them. This even occured with one of my SCI patients who was caring for his wife who was terminally ill...he ignored his blood in his urine and other symptoms for a long time, and by the time we saw him he had advanced bladder cancer. He died from this several months later.


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    My ex-wife has changed me twice since my accident 2-02-2002. My girlfriend of 17 months after my ex did it about 5 times during the 17 month relationship. And my last girl up until 7 months ago did get stuck with my care for like 5 weeks. I more than anything don't like them changing my DEPEND because I get an erection with any touching of my p...s and sometimes its embarrassing. Specially when the night before I couldn't get him to comply. I did notice the extra strain in the relationship when my last girlfriend had to care for me.
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