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Thread: Independent Ceiling Lift....Need help ASAP!!!

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    Independent Ceiling Lift....Need help ASAP!!!

    I've had it with needing help in and out of bed and since I am still too weak to transfer without killing myself, I need to buy a ceiling lift ASAP!!! Not only could I free myself from relying on others, but I could also take a shower when ever the hell I wanted to. Now, for those quads that use one by themselves, what is the best brand and how do you operate it? I would greatly appreciate any info. I am about ready to go f'ing nuts!!!! Thanks!

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    There are a number of companies that make ceiling lifts you can operate yourself. Some of the free standing frame systems also allow you to do this. You just need to find one that offers a lateral motor option (an additional expense). You would also need to be able to get get yourself in and out of the sling (this requires pretty good hand function). Here are some companies I can recommend. Most of them are more than happy to come to your home to give you an estimate:


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    We LOVE our SureHands lift. Photos of it are in the caregivers forum if you search on my name, the post should come up from about 2 months ago I think.
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    If I'm not mistaken - aren't there special considerations in construction of ceilings and walls for this?
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    I am a C-6 quad, 29 years post-injury and I had to get a ceiling lift because the chair-to-chair transfer with a board and shower/commode chair to bed out of the "hole" was more than my shoulders could do anymore.

    I opted for the Sure Hands lift after trying a few others.
    I also got it with the remote that I can hang around my neck so that I can "call" the lift to me and not worry about losing the control that hangs from the ceiling.

    The Sure Hands does not require any slings that you have to wrap around yourself or hook up straps with rings to hooks and un-hook etc.

    Two "C" shaped hooks in front that you push under your knees and the "hands" that grab you under your arms at your sides. It is so much easier than hooking and un-hooking straps.

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    Check out the movable light overhead lift at and is cheaper then full system too. If I could I would get one too.


    Edit: Nevermind if you need to go to other places in the house.
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