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    Post Ryno Ramp Truck

    Hi everyone,
    Just wanted everyone to know our RAMP truck is complete and ready for production, NO UVL, looks like a regular truck, let me know what you think!! As you all know I am a quad always trying to figure new things to make us feel better, drive your personality!! We do have a choice

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    That truck is nice. What's the floor to roof height on the drivers side? Also, is it possible to make it go any lower(c-notch/step notch)? Can you drive it at the height its at when it lowers for the ramp? I love low trucks. The lower the better.

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    Ryno - sweet, great job

    Incidentally, what is the estimated full conversion cost of the ryno ramp for a Nissan Titan?
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    Excellent idea. You'll have to beef up that ramp though, it'll never last.
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    Called Ryno Mobility for some inside scoop on the ramp truck.

    1. Ramp truck currently available on Chevy & GMC short bed 2WD vehicles only.

    2. Truck cost between $15k and $18k depending on options.

    3. Ryno conversion cost: $24k (Includes everything except ez lock system and hand controls).

    4. Time frame: 6-8 weeks (Florida)

    Improvements like door actuators (speed) and one touch remote are coming.

    Personally, the non 4WD thing is a deal killer given that I live in CO. Overall, impressive stuff though. Hopefully they'll start modifying other trucks (Tundra, Titan) etc. with the ramp option vs the elevator / lift option.

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    hmm... bed length shouldn't matter as all they're modifying is the cab box. I can understand the 4wd issue if they drop the floor, although t-cases can be relocated if they're clever. I'd be curious if they could find a way to mod a crew cab, lower the rear seated section, & swivel the front seat(s) for transfers. If I ever came up w/ the cash to dump into another rig, I'd want a 3/4 or 1-ton truck for towing. The lowering kit screws that up though.

    Just giving you food for thought, Ryno.

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