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Thread: Could a paraplegic person make a good husband?

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    Question Could a paraplegic person make a good husband?

    I mean in the physical sense?

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    the only things that make a good husband is whats in the head and heart

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    please tell me you're not really a doctor

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    Do you mean can you physically satisfy a women?
    Yes, if you are creative not afraid to try things that are different

    Do you mean can you provide her with children?
    Yes, but it may take extra effort and expense

    Do you mean can you fix the roof, rototill the backyard and lift the suitcases onto the car roof rack?
    Maybe not, but then lots of horrible husbands and wife beaters can do those things!

    Some of the best marriages I know are those where one of the partners has a physical disability, both paraplegia and tetraplegia. Don't let your cultural restraints hold you back from pursuing a relationship that can be satisfying for you both.

    (Bspill1, note in Dr. Nadar's profile that he is a pharmacist. I assume that he is a PharmD or doctor of pharmacy.)

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    Can blind men make good husbands?
    Can mechanically impaired men make good husbands?

    Can blond men make good husbands?
    Can blue collar men make good husbands?

    Ummmm, yes.
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    Very well said SCI nurse - actually the question is kind of absurd

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    Could a paraplegic person make a good husband?
    Yes, if they were a wiz at science and surgery and were supplied with the right body parts. Access to a powerful source of electricity would be helpful as well.

    Of course they couldn't guarantee that the husband would always be good. Too cute little girls trying to get him to look at a flower might be a problem, especially if this occurred near a body of running water.
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    Dr Nader-
    IMHO, If you & your girlfriend are as in love as you've written about in the past, you need to break from the stereotypes that your culture and possibly her family are forcing on you. There is no reason why your disability would interfere with your capability of being a good husband. It's the person that you are inside that will determine wether or not you will be a good husband. If you two are truely in love and you are wishing to get married, go ahead and do so. You should not be worrying about wether or not your dis will prevent you from being a good husband.
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    Dr Nader, are you still having problems with your girl's family? The answer, of course, is "yes" but I understand things aren't so cut and dry in your country. I wish I had a better answer for you.

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    Smile Thanx for the great support

    I only asked this question to become more and more convinced of what we can do from our wheelchairs, I believe in true, sincere, powerful love and I want it to be our cornerstone when we try to convince the family.

    Our love is ever grown and mature, but the cultural restraints and obstacles imposed by her family must be dealt with prudently and with profound patience and above all, clear knowledge of our commitment to overcome each obstacle we face in life.

    Hope they will understand.

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