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Thread: I'm grossing myself out

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    We all get into slumps from time to time. It too shall pass.

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    Angry To posters on this thread, please take a moment

    and thank your lucky stars that the spinal cord inflicted one in your lives are at least PARA, not QUAD. No intent to trivialize your current troubles, it's all relative. However, some cervical sci inflicted families eventually find it a struggle just to keep their homes!

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    There are at least a couple ppl who posted on this thread (zillazangel and NorthQuad) with family members with cervical injuries, Tim. And there are a lot of families of people with lower injuries who struggle to keep their homes. And many who lose them. Spinal cord injury, sucks, period.

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    SCI is not the worse thing to happen to me but pretty close. It don't only affeat the SCI peson, but everything around them. I have been doing it 20 yrs. And have lived alone all but about 11 months of that time. Already excepted that I will be dieing a lonely old man.

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    Chopper ... as time passes your husband will do more - you will do less for him and more for yourself .... somedays will be better than others. I have chipped toenail polish sometimes and little white hairs contrasting against my brown roots and red colored hair ! my husband does not require any special care on my part but I probably find myself doing little things here and there for him more than if he were walking. I tend to do more "man" chores around the house ... mowing,and edging (husband does the trim) ... just last week I was in the attic making sure my A/c vents weren't leaking, replaced all the ceiling fans in the house, put up all the blinds, painted the whole house including cathedral ceilings, after our last hurricane went to check roof, and many more ... and then there are all the "woman" chores of which I do most of. I work full time and some weeks I am just beat! We tend to go out once a week on the average with friends and I work in the public eye so I try to do the best I can to keep up with me hair, polish, makeup, weight etc. I have been losing weight but won't go into detail of how .. let's just say it's not a very healthy way!

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    Wow, olosgirl, sounds like we are kind of living paralel lives... LOL!!!
    But it's nice now, that hubby has been doing grass the second year in the row, he helps with the laudry and cooking. I still do the groceries, most of the cleaning, weed trimming, taking care of our dog and we share the work around the boys. But yes, I have to admit, he is doing much, much more than what he did his first two - three years after the injury. I think he has been trying to do even more ever since the boys were born (I had to help him back in the chair yesterday, when he was trying to trim our backyard hedges on the hilly part of the yard). But our house is not spotless like it used to be 5years ago, probably won't be for another 10 or 20 years, but I found out there is more important things in life than keeping our house spotless!

    (a wife to t10 and mother of 2-year old twins)

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