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Thread: Padding in bed???

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    Padding in bed???

    When you're in bed (on your back) do you pad off/ put pillows under your ankles/legs to keep your ankles/heels out of contact w/ the mattress?

    I have an air mattress and I put two pillows under my legs to "prevent" pressure sores. When I spasm in bed, getting the pillows back in position is a nightmare, and I usually end up in a worse position then when I started i.e. sideways in bed half-falling out of the bed. I have an alternating air pressure Plexus mattress that is great for sleeping but damn near impossible to move around in, there's too much give. I'm wondering if I can forgoe the pillows under my legs while still avoiding any pressure sores...
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    I have a pressure relieving mattress and i put a pillow between my knees to avoid redness.

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    I also use a pillow between the knees.

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    Generally sleep on my back, pillows under heels
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    Dang. Meant to click "Yes", ended up in the "no" box.
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    I sleep on my side, and I ALWAYS have a pillow under the ankle of my bottom leg, and another pillow between my legs. It's the way I was taught in rehab, and I am happy to stick with it.
    On the odd occasion that the lower leg has moved off the pillow and onto the bed, I have had a really red ankle.

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