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Thread: Swamp crotch

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    Swamp crotch

    Im posting here as Im hoping anyone can provide some
    advice.Im a t12-l1 para and I sit for many hours
    in sports chair with a slight dump/squeeze.The problem
    is that my crotch is chronically sweaty and smelly.
    It is driving me insane.I wash thoroughly,but have found
    that washing too much seems to make it sweat even worse
    for some reason.It also causes broken skin and rashes.I have tried powders,different underwear,
    no underwear,you name it ive tried it.It is ruining my self
    esteem and my sex life.If anyone has had a similar experience
    please advise.

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    Strange Idea...maybe try a different cushion so your legs aren't so close together when you sit in your chair. This would give your crotch more room to "breathe" so to speak?

    I wonder if you could take prescription meds for the odor too? I would think that that would be available in some way.

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    Originally posted by Para33:

    ...The problem s that my crotch is chronically sweaty...
    Have you tried ordinary cornstarch? works for me. - fw

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    Para, I get this way in the hottest times of the year. After I get a shower I lay on the bed with my feet botoms together and heels towards my groin. Lots of baby powder with vit c and starch. Let it air for about an hour. No undrwear at night. I have also switched to a Stimulite cushion by StaCore. It is the coolest I have been in a long time.

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    After showering try using a hair dryer to completely dry out your swamp thing. Some isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol will also kill any nasties that might be growing there. I wouldn't use the alcohol routinely, but it won't hurt to use it sparingly for a few days.

    I use rubbing alcohol to eliminate toe rot which I get every so often. (This also occurs because of moisture -- after showering -- that I neglect to dry completely before getting dressed.)

    Problem solved. Next??!!

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    ditto the hair drier tip, a towel doesn't get you completely dry, gold bond powder is very good

    i also shave my inner thighs, i think it helps keep things clean and dry

    also, make sure you're not dripping urine into your crotch, this will lead to a real funk and even nasty skin conditions

    lastly, you should spend time every day on your back with your legs apart (preferably with a nice woman on top), though the last part of this tip may not lead to complete air drying

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    ditto on the Stimulite reccomendation. I don't have a sweating problem, but I do sit in my chair after kayaking (with a wet booty) and I find that I'm often dry by the time I get into the car. With other cushions I would just be a soggy mess....

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    The airing out with the legs bent and knees apart is good to do and i also find that a lack of hair will help things out down there too. A lack of underwear will also allow more heat to escape.
    For the rash try a cream called Lamasil. It'll take care of it in 2 days. It may need a perscription.

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