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Thread: Yee-Ha! Going to Mexico!!

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    Oh My God!!!!

    I think I've been to heaven.... Paradise or what!

    I absolutely love the the Mayan Riviera, Playa del Carmen was a blast Xcaret was sooo cool...Our resort was everything I wanted, animals and birds everywhere. Even my monkey cousins. The grounds were incredible the jungle walk, the follage itself was stunning. Everyone must go, that's all there is to it. BUT, don't go for less than 10-14days. One week is not near enough time to do and see everthing.

    I'll review more with more photos later, but here's photos of just the resort for now. Absolutely awesome place......

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    Looks beautiful, glad you had a good time. I think I could find it very easy to live full-time in such a place
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    Heyyy Monkeyyy,,,,,

    How are you,,,, Wowww,,,,,sooo cool your trip, loox so nice.

    How hot was it,,,,,,
    Did your room have roll-in shower, how was it,,,,,,
    How was access from airport to ''Monkeyville'',,,,,,,,,,,


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    Glad you had such a great time ~ we need more pictures, please!!!

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    Beautiful .. David said the hot places don't impress him, but screw'em. I'll go without - looks gorgeous!
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    Were you able to go on the beach in your chair?

    We went to the mayan riveiera last year and rented a house on the beach. It was awesome!! Well, except for the hurricane.......

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    Talking I met Monkeygirl in her element!

    Hey, hey hey!

    I met you on your last day down there. I was that devilishly handsome Texan in the black Blast power chair. You were that hottie w/ the weird accent (!) that was so sad to be leaving that rolled up to me. I may be exaggerating, it was Tequila Sunday or Scotch Saturday, I don't remember! Thanks for telling me about CareCure, I did remember that & I bet you didn't think I would.
    Here's a review (w/ pics) of the resort I put on the TripAdvisor site:

    Robert Hurlbert

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    Right-on rah, glad you remembered, this is the best site there is. So much help with stuff, good friends and the more the merrier I've learned more from Wise, the nurses and everyone else here in the last few years than I did in the previous 20 yrs of sci. I'm sure you'll be able to help out too, seeings how you're an ol'timer an all..

    Man, I sure can't wait to go back...Paradise or what. One week is so not enough. Geez, I gotta get more photos up...tommorrow maybe...

    Anywho, glad you're here.

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    Old timer! Old timer! Jeez. Just 'cause my monthly order of Grecian Formula 16 was a day late. I'll have you know, I'm very immature for my age!
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    beautiful resort!
    East to see you both loved your visits, monkey and rah. and welcome, rah!

    ooooh man, make me more envious, why dontcha! I mean it, please, with more pictures!

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