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Thread: Compensation in California

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    It was a car accident on the way home from work. The attorney said since he was carpooling with his boss and his boss had him stay late and the boss was driving we might have a shot. We haven't applied, he is looking into it. Heck, we'll take anything.

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    be aware you only have a limited time frame to file for wc injuries.
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    When the spouse is the IHSS provider does her income count if the husband receives SSI? In other words does Social Security count her income that is coming from IHSS? from what I read on the net they do not count this type of income coming from IHSS but I would like to know if you guys know otherwise. Thanks!

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    One thing I want to mention about applying for SSDI. It takes quite a while to process, and then if you are approved starts at 5 or 6 months after the date of disability (not sure which). If the date of approval is after this, you get retroactive funds. But be sure that you don't do this behind Mike's back. One thing about getting approved (if he does) is that it is kind of like an "official" label of "disabled". Psychologically that can be a blow. (I am not saying not to apply, if Mike qualifies, I am sure you need the extra $$$, but after his response in other areas, just make sure he is involved here).

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