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Thread: stool softener

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    stool softener

    for the nurses or dr. young:
    docusate calcium vs. docusate sodium

    interchangeable?, mechanism of action the same?

    thanks in advance

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    crags - according to my research, the various forms of this medication have the same actions, side effects and outcomes. The variation occurs in the daily dosage of each.

    That being said, I do not work regularly in a setting in which issues of bowel management are being addressed. Let me seek further guidance from the SCI-Nurse team members. CRF

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    crags - these two preparations contain the same dose of dioctylsulfosuccinic acid. Docusate calcium may be selected over docusate sodium due to its lack of sodium; therefore the latter may be avoided in someone who needs to restrict sodium intake. However, docusate sodium (Colace) tends to be less expensive than docusate calcium (Surfak). The other bit of information that may be useful is that neither of these preparations should be used in combination with mineral oil. CRF

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