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Thread: Your Adapted Vehicle

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    for those who have a honda element, is there any modifications that need to be done with it? It seems alittle high to me, how is it for getting in?

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    All we had to do for our Element was add another handle above the door that could take weight. My husband puts his left hand on the handle and his right on the seat and he can lift and slightly rotate himself in just fine (he's tall enough to reach). There's a handle like that already on the passender side. Then he puts in the chair and moves his legs over so he is facing forward.

    We started with a seat lift, but it was in the way and took too long to use. So we took it out. He might need that later if his arms give out.

    AB wife of T8 complete para

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    Talked to Debbie about all the input. Brake lights are okay. I didn't think we had an auxilliary switch for the battery, and she says we dont' either, so unless it's somewhere we don't know about that idea isn't an option. She agreed that should work, though, so I wonder if it's something we could have added on at some point. She thinks replacing the battery is the way to go. One battery had been replaced after the van totally died awhile back- the other had tested as alright- but that was before running diagnostics and learning about the short that we had fixed, so even if the one battery tested alright at the time it makes sense it could have been teetering on the edge of not so okay. We're gonna try that and hopefully it'll work right. Thanks again for all the advice.


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    2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT with huge scratches under door

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    Here's what I drove before my accident. It's a 98' Cobra Convrt. I now have a 03' E-350 Ford Conversion van. It's loaded w/ T.V.'s and all.
    I'll post a pic. of the van a little later today.

    (edited to resize photo appropriately-KLD)

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    Originally posted by whtpushsu:

    Here's what I drove before my accident. It's a 98' Cobra Convrt.
    What's up Ed! Really cool car, I was drooling over Mach 1's lately, you can get that twin cam motor with an auto trans in those. Love the looks of those, but the bastards at Ford decided to redesign the thing for next year and the base GT will have 300 horse anyway, run on regular, and have big brakes, making me think about waiting for the new one. Love those Fox chassis Mustangs though!

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    Have had a 1977 Corvette for 11 years. Just had the engine rebuilt last year, then the accident happened. The fellow that rebuilt the engine put hand controls in it and we got a trailer for the wheelchair or Amigo.

    Regular vehicle was a Astro Van. Sold that and bought a Monte Carlo with hand controls. We have the same type of huge scratches under the drivers door of the Monte Carlo as Andy has. We have kept the scratches off the Vette so far.


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    I am noticing that everyone's cars have the same scratches that I was getting on my truck. Being that I was a theatre technician before my accident I had something to help prevent these scratches. It's called Gaffer's Tape, not to be biased, but I am, Gaff tape is the best tape in the world! There are a lot of different companies that make it & it comes in several standard and some custom colors. It costs between $11 & $20 per roll on average, so not cheap, but I haven't had to replace the tape on my truck since we put it on about 4-5 months ago. Just put a couple of strips (it's usually 2" wide) along the bottom edge of your car & it'll help prevent those scratches that will inevitably lead to rust. You can do a search for Gaff tape or Gaffers tape & find lots of different companies that will sell it. One of the companies that I've bought mine from is SEAL their website is but there are tons of others out there.

    Just a thought to help you all protect the paint on your vehicles...And one thing I forgot to say was that this tape doesn't leave a residue and it is really durable. Any questions about it, just ask.

    L-1 inc 11/24/03

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    Here's what I'm currently driving. 03' E-250 Ford Conversion Van.

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