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Thread: alprazolam for spasticity

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    Smile alprazolam for spasticity

    i've found alprazolam to be a good relaxant compared to beclofen,tizanidine.its cheaper with fewer side works better in emotionally disturbed pts because of its tranquilizing action.i am taking 0.5mg at bedtime.dose and frequancy can be tailored as per requirement.

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    This Xanax. Similar to Valium, it can increase depression if someone is already depressed, and it can cause serious physical dependence. Similar to Valium, suddenly stopping it can cause a life-threatening withdrawal syndrome. Like Valium, it is primarily prescribed for anxiety disorders. It can be quite sedating. It should be used with caution in combination with any other sedating drugs, and should not be used with alcohol. Caution should be used if driving with it in your system.


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    while i agree with you that alprazolam may cause depression,but on points i beg to differ.
    1.baclofen and tizanidine[tried by me]cause heavier sedation than alpra.
    they cause sever dryness of the mouth and aggrevate constipation.
    2.both of them also have to be tapered like alpra.i became delireous when i had to stop suddenly because of paralytic ileus.
    3.the dependance is only mild for can be easily managed if the drug is withdrawn over few weeks.
    its my own experiance.i also happen to be a qualified gynecologist though not practicing anymore for obvious reasons.

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    Whatever works for you. I would not recommend this as the first-line treatment for spasticity unless people have tried the other drugs first. Most people get little or no anticholinergic effect from either tizandine or baclofen. It is well known that baclofen should never be stopped suddenly.

    Although not Xanax, one study done on Valium for spasticity management showed that there was not a significant decrease in spasticity, but the people using it were satisfied as they didn't care as much about their spasticity.
    A drug rehab program for people with SCI found Valium their most commonly abused drug, and also that it often interfered with effective coping strategies for dealing with the injury when used in the initial rehab phase.

    What is your level of injury? Why are you no longer practicing?


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    thx for your feedback.mine is C4-5[incomplete].fortunately i've retained almost normal bowel and bladder control,but my sensory and motor funtion is impared about 40 percent,hence i am not able to practice gyne.i've started working in an institute for physically handicapped children.i look after their gen medical needs.i stay with them in the hostel.
    i was injured on 27-12-2000.first 2 yrs were very difficult,but somehow we came to terms with it.i am mobile on wheelchair now.
    spasticity was and remains my main problem,though its not that much reason for valium abuse is the easy india it is an OTC drug

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