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Thread: 6yr Anniversary

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    Chris, I know you and I have had our differences in the past, but I just wanted to say, you're a fighter, and for that, you have my respect.

    It'll be 16 years for me in a few months, so 6 years feels like a lifetime ago...

    Anyway, keep up the fight, dude.


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    Well said.
    Shawn (

    Remember - Dare to Dream

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    Sorry, whish there was no such thing as SCI anniversaries, but there is, hope you are Ok.
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    In my quest to find the positive aspects of life, my anniversary is a day I celebrate with a wonderful dinner. I tend to contiplate a little more on this day in an effort to further understand how to make my weaknesses my strengths.

    Thoughts to ya Chris. Your an inspiration for sure.



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    Quote Originally Posted by RehabRhino
    Good to see you posting again busy boy. 6 years.........if I'm half as positive and full of energy as you 5 years from now you can shoot me and call me Kristi
    Get the guns out people cuz I'm going to work on you! Before you know it you will be a snogging-concert-going-sugar-eating-fool just like me!!
    "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." ~ James Dean

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    Thanks again everyone.

    Scorpion, respectfully, - much appreciated.

    Rahab, your avatar reminds me of an old show (maybe UK based ) called "Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp" which was kind of an Avengers meets James Bond type spoof. Ever heard of or seen it?

    RWM - Keep up the hard work. Just don't ditch me at the convention center

    Kristi - your fan club is building..

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    my anniversary is the 4th of july so it's fast approaching. it'll b 5yrs and this time of yr is always hard even still.

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    Thoughtful reflections, Chris.

    You've often been very generous in sharing yourself with others.

    Have a good weekend

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    6yrs....I thought you had yrs on

    oh will...CHEERS & BEERS

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    Congrats Chris! 6 years... Thanks for all your help to newbies on this site...


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