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Thread: Some SCI Can Be Cured

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    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by HopeForSCI
    Talk is cheap and not constructive.
    Straight from the horses mouth.....

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    There seems to be a lot of "talk" around here about a cure. It's not constructive?

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    A lot of you are so pessimistic and you are in total denial..... Be optimistic and be open-minded........ To help you find the right acupuncturist for SCI, here is a simple question to interview the acupuncturist: “Can you heal a herniated disc within one week?”. If the answer is no, go to interview the next one..... For more information about my doctor, email me at

    Yeah, you dont have time to answer questions, talk is too cheap, especially when it involves something that might prove you wrong and/or a scammer. Tell you what, why dont you show an example of this miracle cure for SCI with a real-life example of someone who was cured? Oh, that's right, talk is cheap when you cant answer the question. Give it up, you aren't making money here, stick with selling crap on ebay, that is more up your alley. Have a nice day.
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    Dude, I sympathize for you with your nephew but you are not a SCI, you don't know what we are being put through. The pain, the agony, the hope, depression, you name it, we get it. I would like to try acupuncture for my pain but I won't get my hopes up about that healing me. If there really was a cure I'm sure it would make headlines and EVERYONE would know. A cure for SCI is something SERIOUS and it would make the news for weeks. Just one person telling us that acupuncture and holistic medicine will cure us is not the way to do things. Don't try to get our hopes up by promoting acupuncture and chinese medicine.

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    in denial?

    I wish I was in denial about a proven therapy to even alleviate the suffering of SCI. Instead, I'm an idiot in denial thinking that help is on the way, so I won't be spending my 40's and on paralyzed from the waist down. Swimming with dolphins> How about bashing their brains open and using some of their neurons for recovery. The funny thing though is at least you're offering something!! Nowhere in sight is there anyone else offering even a sliver of help to promote recovery in chronic SCI. As for the fancy terms Camp and Rolipram, I don't see these things being offered anywhere to chronic patients.

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    If your doctor is so amazing why didn't he heal your relative that had sci and died and your nephew?
    Shit Happens!

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    I need the name of his doctor... those have to be some great drugs, I'd need to try taking some of them. Must be all that smart smog on the West Coast. Why would you even let him post this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith
    I need the name of his doctor... those have to be some great drugs, I'd need to try taking some of them. Must be all that smart smog on the West Coast. Why would you even let him post this?
    Afraid someone here would be so desperate that they might believe it? I give (most) people here more credit than that.

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    oh brother. i've had acupuncture for my neuropathic pain. nada relief. i've had massage therapy, made it worse. very dear friend tried it for herniated disk...nada. you obviously are plying your trade. and to the wrong crowd. you don't even know what you're talking about.

    i believe in holistic medicine. i know acupuncture can help some things. but i think if it all worked on sci, and sci survivers have only been around these last 60 yrs or so whereas holistic medicine and acupuncture have been around for centuries....then somewhere along the line a lotta ppl died for no reason. it is obvious acupuncture is not a cure or even a real therapy for sci (in terms of regaining function). given acupuncture's tenure in history, if it were, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

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    skeptical treatment

    Quote Originally Posted by RehabRhino
    Glider........ Acupuncture worked for the pain in my shoulder but it did not make me walk.

    I quit doing acupuncture, it got expensive, was hoping it would waken up some nerves since i was only four months into SCI, I never hoped that it would make me walk, only got temporary relief for pain, I will try it at a different stage of rehab, over seas where is cheaper, after cell transplant surgery.

    Quote Originally Posted by RehabRhino
    HopeforSCI's post is typical rambling nonsense with no basis in fact or evidence - that is why he/she gets the skeptical treatment.
    The second post in this thread and the answer to my e-mail from "HopeForSCI" is clearly a sales pitch from some one that has NO idea about SCI with no testimonial evidence or clear objective.

    She/He is taken advantage of this forum and wasting our valuble time.

    My worrie is that some of this "skeptical treatment" given here IS being used in general in CC, and it is putting off real needed testimonies of recipients of new experimental procedures from ALL over the world.

    Like many worldwide SCInjured and CC newbees like me, we need to have a more friendlier forum to attract people that want to share their progress and findings with us, as a new member (a few months) i have read this typical treatment...

    SCInjured comes into the forum...

    wants to share improvements after X surgery, ....

    some senior members start posting "best wishes"....

    others will post "thanks and keep us updated"...

    Than comes in the sarcastic and skeptics with "u-sure it was the cells and not your rehab?.... "u-could of had spontaneous improvements any ways" and "why did you waste your money?.

    NO one can answer to all that.

    NO new-bee who has just gone through such a big traumatic and risky experimental procedure will want to go trough this again, than.....

    they are gone from CC.
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