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Thread: Some SCI Can Be Cured

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmeky

    Great on your back pain. But, con's are good because they are so good at conning. No one ever got their money taken by someone they didn't trust.

    I can smell a con from a mile away....haha who do u think ur talking too? Although i am not allowed to discuss prices, i will say this....they have no interest in money period.

    This doctor has a passion and right now it's too see if his teachings can help a spinal chord injured person and too what extent and that's the bottom line. I am in desire to try anything (within reason) and if there is someone willing to go the extra mile I'm more than willing...especially when they want it as bad as me.

    I don't think i am going to walk with this therapy but it won't hurt me, it's all natural - and i will learn a lot in the process.

    Do not mistake me as a fool, as i know what i am doing. Yes, i agree the promises are a little outlandish but i would not have partaked in this if i didn't feel he was worthy enough to have a shot at it.
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    if you read my other post u know i did a bit of the therapy im thinking you are starting... my advice: DO IT TO THE FULLEST. and good luck with it. i have thought about their theories and in many ways that western medicin doesnt consider, their methods make sense. im too fucked these days to buckle down on it.. but im wishing you the best outcome.
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    good luck spidergirl. the nondisclosure is a bit of a worry, tho. i dunno how prevalent that is, but makes me wonder. anyhow, ty for checkin this out.

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    Let's Support Good Doctors

    Quote Originally Posted by ~MAVERICK~
    Hey Why dont u suggest your Doc to Do this...
    P.S : Please do not take me for a miss, i do not in any way feel that this treatment is bullshit or isnt really worth it. But as you say, reports are kept private etc, i think this is the best way we can have our fair share of reports from our very own.

    Warm Regards to All CC Members....

    Melwin M
    Hi Melvin:

    You sound like a real smart guy. Have you found out how much the acupuncture costs in your local area? You will know the acupuncture treatment is very inexpensive comparing with surgery or rehab. My doctor can give such a guarantee because of his expertise. Can you name anyone else who is able to give such a guarantee?

    My doctor can recover functions for SCI patients and will contribute a lot to the community. He deserves to be rewarded with some money. But I doubt he will become rich. He makes money from his dedicated care of his patients, hour by hour and week by week. Same goes for Dr. Wise Young. We all hope Dr. Young’s new clinical trials go successfully so more SCI patients can be benefited. If Dr. Young becomes rich from his efforts, he deserves it. But I also doubt Dr. Young will be very rich even with his success because there is no quick overnight getting rich formula here. All the money comes from hard work hour by hour and case by case. It is not a magical pill and cannot be mass manufactured by drug companies.

    Here is my suggestion to you so you can receive early treatments for your injury. The earlier you receive treatments, the better for you.
    · First, write letters to the richest billionaire in your country (i.e. India, in your case). Ask him/her to become a philanthropist like Mr. Bill Gates here in USA. We need to have more billionaires to follow the example of Mr. Bill Gates.
    · Second, ask him/her to give you some of his/her pocket money for your treatments. I am sure his/her pocket money can benefit a lot of SCI patients in your country.

    Hope you will take my above advice.

    Take Care.

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    i don't believe bill gates has given a dime to sci research. he concentrates on africa. he lives about 20 minutes from me. should i go ask?

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    Cool Gates's gates!

    Quote Originally Posted by cass
    i don't believe bill gates has given a dime to sci research. he concentrates on africa. he lives about 20 minutes from me. should i go ask?
    Sure. Good idea cass. See how far you get.

    Let us know.
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    and sometimes I just sets.

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    i may have to chain myself to his security gates....who's gonna feed me? more importantly, bring me wine?

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    I can take care of the wine, but I was hearing he was gonna retire so he might move to Africa - you might have to travel a long way to chain yourself. But the South African wine is excellent, at least so I’ve heard :-)

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    Take Care of Ourselves Now Instead Of 5 Years Later

    Quote Originally Posted by cass
    i don't believe bill gates has given a dime to sci research. he concentrates on africa. he lives about 20 minutes from me. should i go ask?
    Hi Cass:

    You never know if you don’t try it. It is definitely worth a try. Here are my thoughts about trying this. Don’t ask Mr. Gates to donate millions to SCI research because he might feel that his money will be wasted in those SCI labs. Some SCI researchers are skillful getting research grants but may not be so good doing SCI research work. Besides if money goes to SCI research, you cannot benefit directly from it. You still need to wait another 5 years or 10 years in order to benefit from any SCI research results. So it is better to ask him to help your treatments. If you write your stories well with all the hardship you have gone through, Mr. Gates will probably be supportive. Mr. Gates has $30 billions for his philanthropic cause. He probably has more money than the federal government. He can make quicker decisions by himself than the bureaucratic and inefficient government.

    There are some overseas treatments such as Dr. Huang, Dr. Lima, etc. Those are still partial recovery and far from cure yet. But the waiting list is already very long. For example, Dr. Huang is already fully booked for year 2007. These treatments take a lot of preparation and Dr. Huang’s personal hours. Assume each procedure takes 2 hours from Dr. Huang. He can only handle 1000 patients a year. But there are about 450,000 SCI in US alone. There are maybe over 1 million SCI in China since China has four times more people than US. The treatment is expensive plus overseas travel expenses. It is not affordable for most SCIs yet.

    It is a challenge to maintain the paralyzed body in good condition to avoid issues such as skin, muscle atrophy, bladder and bowel infections. Regular exercise and therapy must continue. Before the eventual cure comes, the proven therapy for SCI is acupuncture and Chinese medicine. The number of published studies focused on acupuncture’s SCI benefits has grown considerably in recent years; several are summarized below. These examples are extracted from the book “Alternative Medicine and Spinal Cord Injury” by Laurance Johnston, PhD and published by Demos Medical Publishing (January 2006).
    · Gao et al (China) treated 261 individuals with SCI, of which 79% had been injured at least one year. Ninety-five percent had some improvement, such as improved sensation, bowel-and-bladder function, spasticity, and walking. The authors speculate that acupuncture improves regeneration-promoting circulation around the spinal cord.
    · Wang (China) summarized the treatment of 82 cases of SCI with electroacupuncture of bladder-meridian points (lateral to the vertebrae). Ninety-three percent accrued functional benefits, including improved lower-limb and bowel-and-bladder function.
    · Cheng and colleagues (Taiwan) showed that electroacupuncture-treated patients achieved balanced voiding in fewer days than controls. Patients starting acupuncture within three weeks of injury required fewer treatments compared to those treated later.

    Let me do some analysis here. If the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act (CRPA) passes, it will allocate $100 million per year for three years. According to Dr. Young’s posting, a cell transplantation trial may cost as much as $9 million + $30 million = $39 million over three years for 300 SCIs. That means CRPA’s $100 million can only benefit 769 people for three years (i.e 100/39 * 300). Since it is a trial, we don’t know how many will have functional improvements. Now let’s put $100 million into acupuncture treatment and do a comparison. The average acupuncture treatment costs about $10,000 a year in US. So this will treat 10,000 people for the whole year. Let’s use some conservative assumptions here. Assume 1% (100 people) recover all functions, 10% (1000 people) recover 50% functions, 50% (5000 people) recover 20% functions, 90% (9000 people) have any improvements. So you can see that the money can benefit more SCI people directly. Normally each acupuncturist can take 10 SCI patients. So we need 1000 acupuncturists but that’s no problem in US.

    What I am saying here is that some funding needs to go to benefit current SCI cases directly. We should not spend all the money on the future SCI research. Also remember 11000 new cases of SCIs emerge every year in US alone. The table below shows the cost for the first year after SCI.
    Severity of Injury _________First Year Cost
    High Quadriplegia (C1-C4) _________$710,275
    Low Quadriplegia (C5-C8) __________$458,666
    Paraplegia ___________$259,531
    Incomplete Motor Function at any level ___________$209,324

    So you can tell that the cost of acupuncture treatment is very insignificant. But the results of acupuncture treatments are significant compared to its cost. After SCI becomes chronic, acupuncture should always become part of combination treatments. The most important fact is that acupuncture has no side effects and always has benefit. For those people who have done the overseas treatments, Acupuncture can also help a quicker recovery.

    If you ask a billionaire to support your acupuncture treatment for a year, he is more than likely to help. So ask him to help your case directly instead of a remote cause with a big commitment. A lot of people cannot afford to continue the therapies during the chronic stage. We need funding to help these people.
    Good luck to you with Mr. Gates and take care.
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