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Thread: Some SCI Can Be Cured

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    Some SCI Can Be Cured

    Searching for the Cure of Spinal Cord Injury

    Some SCI can be cured. Others can be improved. Take care of ourselves today and always keep our hope for the best.

    Modern medicine has not yet found cure for spinal cord injury (SCI). Modern medicine is not a holistic therapy since majority of treatments available involve the use of drugs or surgery. In the tradition of modern medicine we are accustomed to treatment directed at the part of the body that is malfunctioning. If we sprain an ankle we have it wrapped; if an appendix becomes inflamed, we have it removed. But SCI affects the whole body and thus it makes modern medicine ineffective. Of course, there are recent progresses in the field of SCI research that gives us hope for the eventual cure. There is good news around stem cells that are very encouraging. Some people went overseas for the treatment procedure. The effectiveness is still to be verified. It is still not ready for every SCI yet. Each application needs to be strictly screened in order to be accepted. Also it is quite expensive considering the overseas travel. You need to be cautious and consider the return on your cost. It is good by being cautious and asking yourself this question: “Is it worth my risk, expense and trouble to recover the amount of functions claimed by that procedure?”

    Even though there are no reported cured cases for SCI, it is generally understood that there are cured cases around the world, especially for some incomplete SCI cases. There should be a lot more cases that are recovered to 90%, 80%, or 70%. Before the 100% cure comes, even 50% recovery is worth it as long as the cost and risk are reasonable. To prepare our body for the eventual cure, our body needs to be taken good care of every day.

    Holistic therapy treats patient as a whole and will help SCI patients to recover functions more effectively than normal treatments. It is possible to recover all functions for some people with SCI especially some incomplete cases. Holistic therapy focuses healing the body, mind, and spirit. Our body, mind, and spirit must heal together and they can heal each other.

    The best holistic therapies for SCI are acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Acupuncture can give the very effective stimulation to the injured area.

    Why Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Can Help?

    Acupuncture is a truly holistic therapy and has been proved by the effective clinical results over the last two thousand years. Acupuncture is painless, safe, quick, and has no side effects. It is to raise the level of health and to restore the body’s energy flow to a normal state so that the body can heal itself.

    Here are the basic steps for a normal acupuncture treatment. Each step requires great knowledge and experience in order to perform correctly. Experience makes the difference.
    · Step 1. Accurate diagnosis leads to correct selection of acupuncture points.
    (i.e. Accurate Diagnosis Ă* Correct Point Selections)
    · Step 2. Locate the acupuncture points accurately.
    (i.e. Expertise Ă* Locating points accurately)

    Acupuncture is based on the theories of Chinese medicine. In order to diagnose correctly, the acupuncturist must have profound knowledge on Chinese medicine. Our body has about 381 acupuncture points but the exact location of the points will vary slightly from individual to individual. The number of combination of points is enormous and very complicated. The treatment results come from the expertise and are not by accident. Regular acupuncturist can only treats the symptoms of illness and may achieve some temporary pain relief; but expert acupuncturist is able to treat the cause of illness thus heal the injury.

    What is the best way for a better recovery?
    Exercise must be emphasized. Regular exercises help the blood circulations and keep muscles active. Exercise will also improve the results from on-going acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatments. So the combination of treatments and exercise ensures the best results.

    My doctor has over 30 year clinical experience practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine. In China, he had achieved highest level of expertise and been recognized as a professor-level doctor. Twenty years ago, he was invited to Beijing to give the treatments for Chinese Leaders of Chinese Central Government. His professional level is distinguished and has higher reputation in the Chinese medicine field. He is the editor in chief of “Chronic Low Back Pain”, “Bone and Joint”, and several other books. He has published many theses regarding various areas of medical fields. He also teaches classes for students in the Master’s or Ph.D. degree programs.

    Here are some examples of what he has achieved through his clinical treatments:
    • He has perfected the herniated disc treatment using acupuncture and can heal acute herniated disc with 4 to 7 treatments. Herniated disc is well known that it is hard to be cured. However, he not only can remove the excruciating pain quickly, but also can minimize the chance of recrudescence.
    • He has cured many child autism and pediatric cerebral paralysis. To this day, for Cerebral Paralysis and autism, Western medicine considers these diseases are totally untreatable and can only provide language and behavior training.
    • He has treated spinal cord injury patients with good improvements in two months.
    Why my doctor’s treatments are so effective?

    Regular acupuncturist has only studied acupuncture and has limited experience. My doctor has profound knowledge in internal medicine, chiropractic, orthopedics, neurology, acupuncture, and Chinese medicine. His knowledge and experience ensure his accurate diagnosis. And his accurate diagnosis ensures the best results. He has achieved the great results what normally takes a team of interdisciplinary doctors in the western medicine.

    My doctor’s new research will focus on treating Spinal Cord Injury.

    He can apply the same theories and knowledge to treat SCI. He can improve people with SCI with much better results than normal treatments such as physical therapy. The recovery will be comprehensive and include everything related to our body, for example, touch and pain sensations, bladder and bowel function, and motor control, etc. Through treatment, every SCI will see improvement. Here is some case information from his SCI treatment.
    • Situation Before Treatment: SCI 10 years ago, paraplegia, no bladder or bowel functions, 1 year ago suffered brain damage due to a fall and had brain surgery due to internal bleeding in brain, right hand spasms and no motor function, right leg spasm and no motor function, left leg has limited movement but with no strength, cannot sit straight, lost language ability, use left hand to signal.
    • After two-month treatment: Left leg can kick with some strength, right leg can curve and hold for a few minutes while laying on back. Bowel starts movement. Gain some control to bladder. He can hold it and signal nurse to come to empty it.
    A lot of more research needs to be done in order to find the most efficient way to treat SCI using acupuncture and Chinese medicine. My doctor is committed to lead in this field. Here is his treatment program for SCI:
    • It is a two-month program or called 3x9 program (3 times per week for 9 weeks). Three treatments per week. Each treatment lasts for about 1 hour.
    • Each treatment can include a combination of steps such as Tui-na (Chinese massage), acupuncture, cupping, heat pad, electrical stimulator, etc. Every case is different. Sometimes herbal medicine can be used.
    • After the first program, every SCI will see improvement. For example, some may gain some leg movement and some may restore some bowel and bladder functions. Based on the amount of improvement, he will evaluate the amount of further treatments.
    Not only does SCI cause so much hardship to the daily life, but also speed up the aging of the vital organs. Time cannot be reversed. No one is able to stop our aging. But with my doctor’s holistic treatments, he can treat the injury and slow down the aging of our body.

    Here is the commitment!
    My doctor will like to help the SCI community with the following unprecedented guarantee: half-price for his two-month program for two SCI patients. If there is no improvement after completing his two-month program, he will refund all the payments to the above two patients.

    My doctor has clinic in the Los Angeles, California, USA. If you need more information, please email to with your current situation.
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    Can he replace neurons in the spinal cord?

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    I'm writing a cheque for $200,000 now. You show me unequivocal evidence of a cured chronic SCI and you can have it
    C5/6 incomplete

    "I assume you all have guns and crack....."

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    Errrrrr, ok I'll say it. Bull. Have you been cured?

    Re infantile paralysis, not too common these days, thank God. Is he "curing" people with post-polio-syndrome or what?

    I'll need more documentation.

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    If this "person" is claiming to cure "some" forms of SCI, they are, uh, er, well, if it looks like duck, walks like a duck, and "quacks" like a duck, there is a very good chance it could be a duck.

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    A cure by holistic medicine? Give me a break.

    Your post really pisses me off "Hope for SCI." I'm sitting here in the worst pain I've had in a good ten years.

    Peddle that snake oil somewhere else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmeky

    If this "person" is claiming to cure "some" forms of SCI, they are, uh, er, well, if it looks like duck, walks like a duck, and "quacks" like a duck, there is a very good chance it could be a duck.
    David- haha....I am going to see what this is about. I am in LA..I will take a meeting with him and see...... (if of course he passes my phone test first.)

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    Thanks spidergirl, for finding out what this guy's all about.

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    Tell you what...You stand in the middle of the street, I'll hit you with my car, then maybe back over you a few times too, so you too can have your very own SCI. Then you can show us by example how this cure will take place. Now that is the best advertisment for this!

    Good day knucklehead!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HopeForSCI
    *** Some SCI can be cured. Don’t believe that you will be stuck in your wheelchair for the rest of your life. Always keep your hope for the best. ***
    Holistic therapy will help SCI patients to recover functioning better than normal treatments. It is possible to recover all functioning for some people with SCI. Holistic therapy focuses healing the body, mind, and spirit. Our body, mind, and spirit must heal together and they can heal each other.

    The best holistic therapies for SCI are acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Acupuncture can give the best stimulation to the injured body area. I have known a great doctor during the last three years. With his holistic treatments, he has healed lots of cases deemed incurable such as infantile paralysis and autism. He can heal herniated disc within one week using acupuncture. He has treated SCI with significant improvement within two months.

    I strongly believe some SCI cases can be cured by my doctor. My doctor lives in Los Angeles area. If you need more information about my doctor, please contact me at It is highly possible that some T1-T12 and L1-L5 SCI can be cured.
    mmmmmmm......It wouldn´t happen to be YOU the doctor in L.a. would you??
    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003

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