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Thread: Can anyone shed some light for her?

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    Can anyone shed some light for her?

    She mistakenly thought I was the same level as her mom. I was just going to ignore her message but I would have felt guilty. Here it is:

    hello i am riyasa from sri lanka. I got to know that u r a t8 complete
    sci. i am sorry, my mum is also the same she had the accident on last
    november. she is 63 years old. can I ask u some questions? please help
    me coz i cannot find anyone in sri lanka who can answer my questions
    if u r a complete sci are you using some kind of support to sit on the
    bed or on the wheel chair
    can you move your body by yourself?
    how are you controlling the bladder and bowel movement
    i have a 1000 questions, my mum is depressed, she wants to die please
    help me,



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    With a T8 injury, a person with reasonable upper body strength should have fair sitting balance on the bed and in a wheelchair.

    With side-rails and a hospital bed a person might be able to turn themselves in bed independently; without that equipment it woudl be very difficult.

    In a female, we would start with an indwelling catheter to control bladder output and a daily bowel program with suppositories and anal massage to try to trigger a bowel movement in a controlled way to prevent accidents.

    Join the forum and we will do our best to support you. It is common for people to be depressed after they are injured but stay close to her.


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