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Thread: Have some sensations!

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    Have some sensations!

    Well, first off, last night I grabbed my leg and when I was stretching it by twisting the legs, I felt when I twisted the right one. I felt in in the hip and it hurt and pain is a GREAT feeling to have in my legs. Maybe an hour ago when I put my laptop on my legs I felt it but thought it was a fluke so I shook it and I feel it. How is it that this could happen all of a sudden? And when your nerves heal from a SCI injury, do they hurt when healing and regrowing?

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    Derek!?! No wonder you are staying up all night!! I am anxiously awaiting a response form someone who can answer your question!

    Great news Derek!

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    Yep. They burn and tingle and freeze and feel like your foot's asleep really bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny
    Yep. They burn and tingle and freeze and feel like your foot's asleep really bad.
    Huh? Mine feel nothing like that at alll. Mine actually feel like they do on my arms except they give me the chills. That's a way I know it's real. I also have a big ass burn on my right leg and every now and then I'll play/pick at it and it's actually kind of hurting. Still gives me a chill though. As for turning my leg and the pain in my hip, doesn't give me a chill but I know what pain feels like and it's definately pain.

    Also, I can feel temperature changes. I have been able to tell those though. If I put an ice cube on my leg then my leg gets cooler in that spot. When I take a shower and I put the shower head on my leg and the water is warm, my leg gets warm in that spot. If I move the stream of warm/hot water down my leg then my leg gets warm following the water. Bitchin'

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    Derek that's awesome!!!

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    Man that's great.I hurt like a MF'er after i get new feeings.Hip,back,shoulders,arms hurt but feels great to have new sensations.
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    awesome, derek. Excited to hear about your sensory returns.

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    Yep. Pain in my awakening nerves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WonderDerek
    I also have a big ass burn on my right leg and every now and then I'll play/pick at it and it's actually kind of hurting.
    Hi WonderDerek,

    I don't know how you got the burn on your leg but don't pick at it. You may cause it to become infected. But the computer companies stopped using the term "laptop" and opted for the term "notebook" since so many people (even able-bodied) were burning their laps from the heat generated from the batteries, video cards and hard drives etc inside the mobile computers. I think there were a few lawsuits filed thus the quick name change.

    So be careful using your laptop/notebook on your lap especially since you're sensory limited there. Maybe put a piece of wood on your lap to insulate against the heat.

    And as I've suggested before (mother hen Bob) do your weightshifts even if you don't think you need to. If you think a burn on the top of your leg is a pain or inconvenience just imagine having two infected holes the size of your fist on/in your butt cheeks. And then extensive flap surgery and 6 months of healing and a lifetime of trouble associated with the skin grafts. You may (probably will) need to be sitting on those butt cheeks for the rest of your life.
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    Bob is right re laptop. I got a burn on my thigh last summer after sitting in bed for an hour with just a thin sheet between skin and PC and I have excellent sensation
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