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Thread: Laptops

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    Who else has one? My grandparents got me one while I was in the rehab hospital and I love it. What kind do you guys have? I have a Dell Inspiron B130

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    Aircraft Aluminum Powermac 17" yep, I'm a Mac geek....but D*MN I have a kick a** computer....and I bet it weighs less than yers
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    Apple geek as well ...ibook 12 inch with all the upgrades and a couple extra whisles and bells added after

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    ThinkPad T40.

    I worked for IBM a while back and got a ThinkPad as my regular computer. Compared to the Dell laptops my current company uses, the TP is light, powerful, and very sturdy.

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    Hi Derek
    I got the Dell XPS Inspiron m140. I like mine too. I especially like the fact with wireless connection I can go all over the house yard and still have my internet.
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    My boyfriend got me a Sony Vaio when I was in ICU. I love it.


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    HP zv6170: 3800+, 100G HD, 1G ram. 17"ws

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    15" G4 1GB powerbook.

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    Got an HP LiveStrong edition for X-mas while I was in Touro. Haven't put it down since.
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    I was never on the computer prior to injury and then when I was in hospital my uncle bought me a laptop. Emachines. Now Im hooked!
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