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Thread: How many times have you heard.....

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    Angry How many times have you heard.....

    I hate it when people say ...

    " Oh, I know someone who broke there back once and they are walking now"
    "They told Gloria Estefan she would never walk again and she is walking"
    "My friends cousin broke their neck and they are fine now"
    "One time my uncles friend broke his neck and his back and he can walk now"

    No way!! And as I am typing this, someone just called Mike and said they met someone today who was limping and when asked why he said because he broke his back 2 years ago. He was in a chair for a year and a half and now walks with a cane. The guy said is was an L level injury,

    Don't get me wrong, the stories are people tell like these are meant to be encouraging, but take Gloria Estegan for instance, did she actually have an SCI?

    I doubt it.

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    From what I understand, she actually did have a spinal fracture... there are many degrees of spinal cord injury.... I always find the stories of people recovering uplifting.
    In Rehab... we knew a gal who was a L1 incomplete who actually stood up from her chair during lunch right infront of Don... it was amazing... he was so freaked out by this that he retreated to his room and cried... but it was early in his rehab and we didn't understand the levels of injuries...

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    Happens all the time. Not sure Gloria had an sci tho. There are quite a few walking quads on carecure, like me. It's not real functional for me but is for lots of them.

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    Thats the weird thing.... I don;t want to get into a level envy thing here, but it seems like there are so many more incomplete "walking" quads and not many incomplete walking paras?? Also, on Projectwalk website it seems like everyone is a C level. Do cervical injuries have more chance for recovery?

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    I don't think that there are necesarily more "walking quads" than "walking paras" but I think that the term "walking quad" is used more often. I am incomplete and can walk some. I need to start working on walking more and working on my balance more, I've got a PT that is setting up a program for me now actually. I think that you don't hear more of us lower injured people talk about walking as much b/c there can be an attitude about it sometimes...
    L-1 inc 11/24/03

    "My Give-a-Damn's Busted"......

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    I know a lot more incomplete "walking quads" than incomplete
    paras. There is a real reason for this and that is, it is more likely
    for thoracic injuries to be complete injuries because the spinal
    canal is more narrow in the thoracic region, which makes it
    easier to damage more of the cord. My rehab Dr. told me this.

    I just hate it when I meet someone who did break their back or
    neck and say that the reason they are not paralyzed is because
    they were "determined" or "wouldn't accept never walking again".
    How stupid is that?

    I saw a story on Discovery health where a kid broke his neck playing
    football and he was paralyzed for a month, but slowly regained
    complete function and sensation. His therapists made a big deal about
    how determined he was and how his saying was "I will not be denied".
    It's just stupid, the kid got lucky and it wasn't up to him or his will
    that returned his function.

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    Ok, now we are talkin'... I never knew that about thoracic injuries. Makes sense now though.

    Yeah, it sucks for someone with SCI to be made to feel (by the media, or tv, or pressure from frieds) that if they work hard they can walk again. There is so much more involved. That is the thing AB's don't realize the true nature of a spinal cord injury.

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    oh yeah, buck. those stories abound. we are just slackers

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    I hate it when I catch someone in a lie trying to make me feel motivated or something. I appreciate someone telling me something true to help me but don't make shit up to try to help. I gues they just want to feel like they had something to do with my recovery? I talked to a woman who said her spine collapsed onto her spinal cord causing her a complete injury in her low thorasic area and she was told she would never walk again when she was 15. 9 months later she was walking again. She had her last rights red to her 19 times and has had 27 major surgeries. She was also told she would never have any children and now has 7 beautiful grandchildren. Had a complete facial reconstruction among other things. This actually inspired me and I believed her. I saw the scar going down her back and you can tell she had facial surgery. She told me this because I asked her. Even if she was lying, I wouldn't know so I'm content.

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    When I was back at my spinal unit last year for two weeks of extra rehab, I saw an ex-patient and her husband, who had come for an outpatients appointment.
    This woman was a walking quad - she walked without sticks or other assistance. She had been an inpatient at the same time as me.

    Anyway, they spotted me in the corridor, and we exchanged pleasantries. Then, they told me I would be walking soon! It was obvious they thought they were cheering me up by saying that, but it was very annoying.

    I thought, more than a lot of people, they should realize the stupidity of saying that to a complete para.

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