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Thread: New photos of my kiddo.

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    New photos of my kiddo.

    Been awhile since I posted photos of my kiddo so I thought I'd share. She's nearly 3 now and she continues to be the light of my life.

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    more photos

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    Very nice pics, she is a doll! Somethings never change, kids love the garden hose & water. LOL
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    I got soaked with a full pressure jet from the hose today when she couldn't turn the spray off lol.

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    She is beautiful!! You are blessed.

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    Good Lord she's growing up quickly! Is it time for another? lol ...
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    Great pictures! By the way, are those sunflowers in your backyard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by roshni
    Great pictures! By the way, are those sunflowers in your backyard?
    Yeah, thats last year - they were GIANT!

    And yes lynifer, we are trying for another - have been for a year but the Depo shot I took over 2 years ago really threw my system out of whack. Might have to make a ob/gyn appt. soon I guess.

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    Thanks for sharing!! She's adorable, Emi.

    My sis had a Depo shot too, took her almost 4 yrs to get pregnant after that shot. Her OBGYN said that was normal for some people to take 3-4 yrs after the shot to get pregnant.

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    ... kids sure grow like weeds, don't they? Beautiful litlle girl!!!!

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