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Thread: New chair suggestions please

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    Smile New chair suggestions please

    Hi Everyone,

    i am finaly looking into getting a new chair after having my previous chair for nine years. the one i am using now was one given to me by a friend, not custom built and casuses me many aches pains and problems. I have always relied on quickie brand chairs in the past, models include, quickie2, and GPV. I am looking for a lightweight folding chair with the stability of a rigid frame chair. ive also looked at some compact folding models on line which would be a big help since my family has a small car. After reading a a model i have been interested in is the quickie Revolution, also after reading a few posts here the kuchall brand has peaked my intrest. However i am i bit wary of swiching brands after being with quickie for so long. (i had a very bad experience with an invacare chair) I would appreciate your input on Quickie vs Kuchall. is one better made or more stable than the other? thank you so very much for all of your help i really appreciate it.

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    The Quickie revolution is more a collapsing type folding chair. I own one but actually never fold it. I have too many accessories and it is kind of unpractical to fold.

    Other members really like the Kuschall. I believe it is an X frame folding chair, these fold a lot easier in my opinion. I wish I would have tried a good X frame chair before buying the Revolution last year.
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    i am waiting on the Quickie GTX, it folds and is strong i hear
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    Does anyone use swing away bars ? Mike likes them but they are a hassle to take off. He was interested in a rigid with swing in leg rests so you don't have to take them off. The wheelchair guy made it sound like rigid was the way to go, but it seemed more of a hassle to fold up etc. I guess Mike is trying to think long term like putting in the car when he drives etc. Anyway, for now he is collecting data.

    We borrowed a Kuschall but he hated it. Says he feels like he is leaning back and he doesn't like the foot rest because his feet slide off.

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    The leaning back thing can be fixed, hes mechanical.... make him fix it. Great pass the time event. The 1 bad thing bout swing aways is the angle, like 70 deg, or something. Once hes more mobile they'll get in the way. At 90, its like there not there. My chairs 80, but i skouch my feet way back so my legs are 90, so my next chair will be 90.

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