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Thread: advice on a manual chair

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    advice on a manual chair

    I am thinking of getting myself a manual chair. I have thinking of Quickie GT , Quickie GTX(folding chair) and Quickie Revolution ( folding chiar). Can you guys who have been using any of these, guide me which one is good for long term use. Which is easier to take in and out of the car. Do u have any problem with these chairs. As I like to order them online and see spinlife as the best source do u know any other source on the net which offer these chairs at lower rate. How do u rate spinlife for ordering online as it is cheaper than from vender near by.

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    Shantanu don't get a folder if you can help it, they really do handle like tanks, for ease of getting it in & out of a vehicle get something with a cantilever frame, Ti Lite Z series or a Kuschall

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    I have the GT...and I love it. It is really easy to get in and out of the car with the L frame design...and it is light. I am awfully hard on chairs...and this one by far is standing up to the pressure. The only downfall is that I spasm a lot and I had trouble keeping the footplate in place...but once I got that down...I have not had any complaints.

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    I have a Quickie TI and it works fine for me. Go with a titanium, bro. Light wheelchairs are the way to go. Get the Spinergy LRX(I think) wheels as well, extremely light wheels on a light chair. Only problem is you might have a heavy seat like me . My seat weighs almost as much as my frame

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