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    I'm a c5/6 no tris, good balance, strong shoulders, strong biceps. I've watched every transfer video over and over and tried and tried but can't figure it out. I have problem w/hand placement and don't know how my head should go, tuck down keep up? I'm frustrated bc w/someone else it's a cake walk, please give any tips, info or life experience you have had. I know this & quad belly are most asked about but help! Thanks

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    I Am C6 And I Just Learned How To Transfer.
    First I Pull In At An Angle And I Slide Out To The End Of My Seat. Then I Use A Transfer Board And I Start With My One Foot Off The Foot Plate In The Direction I Am Transfering To Help With Rotation.
    I Lean Over As Far As I Can And Push Off My Wheel With One Hand And The Other I Place On The Bed. My Head Goes In The Opposite Direction I Want To Go, So My Hips Slide Onto The Board, And I Scoot As Far As I Can.
    I Had Trouble With My Center Of Gravity Being Too Far Forward [cause Of My Quad Belly] And I Cant Stay Tucked Down The Whole Way Or I Tip Forward. So I Sit Up, And Push Off The Back Of My Chair On The Push Handles, And Rotate My Body Further Along The Board.
    Once I Am Able To, I Push From My Other Tire [the One Closest To The Bed] And Finish My Transfer.

    I Struggled With It For A Long Time Because Of My Body Type, Being So Close But Not Being Able To Put It Together. Now If Its A Level Transfer, And I Have A Board, It Takes Me A Minute And I Just Learned 2 Months Ago. No One Else Transfers Like Me That I Know Of. Just Go For It.

    Board Placement And Angle Is Important And So Is Throwing Your Head In The Opposite Direction You Are Transfering So You Body Rotates Towards The Bed.

    I Hope This Made Sense And Helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rzimny
    I have problem w/hand placement and don't know how my head should go, tuck down keep up? I'm frustrated bc w/someone else it's a cake walk,
    Hey buddy...For me its head down,when the head goes down i feel the weight come off my ass and its ass swinging time.Iuse the arm of the chair (i need to on the right side) and place my hand on the bed in a position that when after ive transfered im almost sitting on it..It was years before i had it down...How do you place your feet? Whats the tranfer height between the chair and bed? When i was first starting,this was a huge factor..

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    The height is pretty even, i leave my feet on foot plate they seem okay. When I watch your video and it looks like you are barely lifting yourself more of head & ass momentum or are good enough I just cant see the lift. i occacionally do it when not really thinking about it, its frustrating. More tips please. Thanks

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    not a quad but I also keep my feet on the foot rest when getting into bed. My bed is real tall so I have to lift quite high (about 2 feet between cushion and bed) I place the chair at an angle to the bed. I scoot as close to the corner of my cushion as close to the bed as I can. I have one hand on my seat next to my thigh keeping it pushed in the direction I wish to transfer. ( have no hips so it is important for me to have my leg fartherest from the place I am transfering too leaned into the direction I wish to travel) I lean forward head down and push up with all I have and try and swing my hip to the bed. As soon as I am over the bed I lean up so as not to fall forward with gravity.
    For the car I place my right foot into the car(when I am the driver) and scoot as close to the corner of the seat closest to the car that I can . I then do just as if i was getting into bed. My weight will travel to where my right foot is so I naturaly more or less fall into the car.
    Hope that helps a lil even though I have no idea how dificult it must be for a quad.

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