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Thread: Looking for transportation (van) need help

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    Looking for transportation (van) need help

    I have been elected by family to locate a van for transporting my mother who is C2 incomplete. She will need a 800lb capacity lift with dual post. That's about all I know. Anyone with experience in buying a Van please help. Need advice and/or suggestions. I have her powerchair specs but I'm not sure where the best place to look for a van is. I am located in the Arkansas/Oklahoma area. What should I look for and look out for?



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    You should take a look on eBay under Dodge, Chevy or Ford full-size vans or buses. Some already have the lifts already installed. I purchased mine under a no reserve auction and picked it up CHEAP, how sweet it is. GOOD LUCK finding what you need.

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    Definately look for used. Depreciation on these vans is very steep, so you can often find low mileage, good condition vans much cheaper than new. How tall is your mother? How much does she weigh? How much does her chair weigh? How wide is her chair? Have you considered a mini-van with a ramp instead of a lift? Try to get drive-in tie-downs like the E-Z lock, as this is much easier to use than manual tie-downs.

    Check out both eBay (search for "wheelchair van") and for some good deals. Also check with new vendors in your area, as they often have used equipment for sale as well.


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    I echo the sentiments of Rollin' Rick. I got my van on E-Bay for what the conversion & modifications would have cost. It was 2yrs old and only had 2000 miles on it. Yes, I had to travel to pick it up, but that was my choice b/c of the pristine condition of the vehicle and my ability to do so. If you are not able to travel, sort your search by distance so that you are looking at vehicles nearby.
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