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Thread: attendant stealing I think

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    LaMemChose has a good point - keep careful watch on your meds if they have street value. That's always worried me, so when I fill the week's pill boxes, I do a count of the remaining pills, and I always know the exact numbers in the bottles.
    - Richard

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    One day I had a helper cook dinner with a recipe I gave her, involving some expensive liquor in the sauce. She ate 75% without my knowledge and I did not have enough food to feed my family that night. She said "she could not help it, it was so good".

    The following days, the contents of the liquor bottle were shrinking misteriously, and there were lipstick stains (her color) on the bottle.

    She then stole a can opener, my favorite. I fired her.

    Trust your gut: from day one, I got the vibes that this person was dishonest.

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    I'm already counting money, and I would hate to start having to count pills. I did have one attendant who was taking money out of my wallet ($5, $10, $15, $20) about once a week, and she was doing this to other people as well. I talked with an L.A.P.D. detective over the phone and shortly thereafter he showed up with three other detectives and arrested her in my home. He said that she had "sticky fingers" and I do know that she spent about two years in prison and then was out on parole. The detective gave me his card and he told me that any time I needed to hire someone, I should feel free to call him and he would run a background check on the person. The odd thing was, she would call me from prison to find out how I was doing and who was helping me.

    LA County has a resource that will allow you to have a criminal background investigation done before you hire a live-in caregiver. The phone number is (818)206-7000.

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    Be very, very sure that you are in the right before you confront her and when/if you do have an able bodied person you know well with you.

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