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Thread: chest pain

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    chest pain

    not sure if its cold, soreness, or what, Heres my story:
    I was out in some pretty cold weather about 2 days ago with shorts on and a sweatshirt, i shivered quite a bit, but didnt think much of it
    The preceeding hours i had a dull pain in my chest, whatever-went to sleep
    Now 2 days later the pain has escalated and if i take a deep breath im almost brought to tears through the pain/ panic of being able to hardly breat, what could this be, should i go to the doctor?


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    I'd see a doc, fast.
    - Richard

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    yeah ....

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    im gonna give it a day or 2.. hope i dont die or nething


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    Sounds like possibly could be bronchitis. Best not to let it go too long as it could cause severe breathing problems if left untreated.
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    i don't think i would just 'wait this out'.anything that is actually affecting your ability to breathe is not something to mess with.ya know?like the abve poster mentioned,this could possibly be something like a bronchial infection or even pneumonia.are you normally not all that active/do you get out into the fresh air at least daily?If you are normally pretty much sedentary,the risks of actual lung problems and infections just naturally go up a bit,just from that "stale" air that is never really exchanged out of your lungs.

    there are also other things like blood clots that can form if you are a normally pretty sedentary type person who just gets up when they kind of have to?these can travel to the lung and the heart a well.I really would just touch base with your doc for a full eval of your resp tract.better safe than sorry ya know?i do hope you feel better soon.marcia

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    normally the only time im sedentary is when i sleep so i doubt its from lack of activity .. will go to doctor tomorrow if it doesnt begin healing.. which ist hasnt


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    Glad to hear you are going.please let us know what you find out.good luck,Marcia

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