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Thread: R.I.P. Kibbles :(

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    I've always had a soft spot for dogs. It's strange how they become one of the family. But they inevitably do.

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    Kristi, I'm sorry for your loss. We did the same thing when our dog was similarly suffering - held him while the vet gave him the shot. The vet was very understanding and nice about it; there were a lot of tears. My younger son never wanted a dog again, so when we got another a couple of years later he was somewhat hostile towards her - for several years. But now he thinks the world of her (she's 7 now; he's 23). So wait a while then start thinking about getting another dog.
    Chris is right, how they become a part of the family. Dogs have co-evolved along with humans, so living with one seems just right.
    - Richard

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    Sorry to hear about Kibbles, Kristi, losing pets is horrible

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    im actually teary as i write this,

    that is sooo sad

    i dont know what to say...... except im sorry to hear that

    RIP Kibbles
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    Sorry Kristi.........I know how I would feel.
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    I'm crying, damn, Kristi, I'm sorry.

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    So sorry to hear about Kibbles Kristi. I have a Shi tzu too with some health problems and the vet has already said be prepared. My heart goes out to you. You are in my thoughts.....

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    I'm so sorry you've lost Kibbles. Sending **hugs**

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    That hurts...So sorry Kristi

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    Losing a dog is indeed losing a family member. I still miss my St Bernard we had to put to sleep 8 years ago, but it takes courage to do the right thing and avoid making them suffer.
    My new dog is getting older, she┬┤s a rescue and so adorable, your post really made many people cry.
    Hang in there

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