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Thread: anyone go camping?

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    anyone go camping?

    I go camping every single month, even in the winter.
    My grandparents had a wheelchair lift installed on their Collins 5th. wheel a couple years ago, and we absolutely love to camp all year long.

    Anyone else like camping?

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    i do but havnt tried yet post injury. i havnt really heard of a wheelchair accessible porta potty yet . but im really wanting to go so i gotta start checkin into it
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    i really want to again...i also havnt done it yet post....i think i could do it...maybe even by myself...if need be,,,i should try......only problem is round here.....all the good camping spots are near the springs....and i would REALLY want to go tubing from one spot down the river to another......dont know how exactly i would do that.....guess with a lil help from my friends....well see

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    Yes, I've gone camping since my injury. There's a camping thread here somewhere. I will see if I can find it.

    Yes, there are WC accessible portapots - we had one at the state starparty that was brought up for me. When the forrest service guy pulled in with it, ppl thought it was an observatory. So, for the whole camping trip, it was jokingly referred to as the observatory instead of a bathroom.

    I had a blast on that trip and was looking forward to the one this summer, but it's been cancelled. We may end up at the one north of the border in Canada (august) this year. I now have less function than I did even 6 months ago.
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    I'm entertaining the idea of camping here in the next two weeks. I will admit it will be based on the weather forecast.

    I was really big into backpacking prior my injury and would get out about once a month. We would hike between 10-20 miles a day and I have all this $$$$ invested in the equipment. So I'm definitely prepared at the campsite.

    I know I will have overcome my injury when I hike into the forest and take a leak on a tree. But in the mean time I'm going to get out there and get some fresh air.
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    I have done quite a bit of wilderness camping post injury during sea kayaking trips in Norway, B.C and Alaska. I am T10 and doing a bowel routine is possible when you have no facilities. There are a couple of techniques I have used.
    First, in Norway, I rolled up my sleeping mat (an extra thick Thermarest) and stuck it inside a big plastic bag, then I simply sat on it with my backside hanging over the edge, above a strategically dug hole. In B.C and Alaska I used a prototype toilet that we had built that could be collapsed and stored in a sea-kayak. This worked well if we either dug a hole underneath it or used it above a plastic bag to collect the waste in so that we could pack it out. This toilet is now being refined. I have attached a picture of this toilet at one of the campsites we used:

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    Here is a picture of a typical campsite that I have used whilst sea-kayaking:

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    Even though this thead is a bit old i though i would write here instead of starting a new one. I want to start camping again, which i haven't done since before my accident and wanted to know if anyone had some new tips? Or equipment that might come in handy.

    I haven't got any equipment but thinking about getting a pop-up tent that can attach to a side of 3x3m (abt 10ftx10ft) gazebo like the pic attached and having a shower tent attached to the side for privacy and just have everything sitting on some rubber gym matting. I have single ensemble bed on wheels i was just going to put in the tent to sleep and then jump up in my shower commode chair in the morning go to the shower tent and just use a empty bucket and bio degradable garbage bag as a liner on a couple of bricks to go to the toilet in and also a second bucket of water in the tent to wash the dirt and sweat off me and then to clean-up underneath at the end.
    Once done i will just go back to bed, get dress, swap chairs and get up and get the bucket liner and dig a hole for it and bury it.

    Does that sound like it will work? Also what am i overlooking?

    In Oz the heat is bad atm so i'm a bit worried about over heating a bit during the day and sitting in the shower chair for up to an hour, i have power assist wheels and a free wheel so hopefully pushing around in my chair should be ok but hoping to find a flat spot on a river bank so i don't have to go too far to fish.
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    My wife and I are both chair users, we had a 24 foot travel trailer w lift, accessible toilet and shower. We towed it with an Econoline 350. One of the hard things was finding a site that would have enough level ground to deploy both the van and trailer lift. A site which would then allow hookup on the other side of the trailer of sewer line, power and water. We had to be real choosy as to where we camped but it had it's advantages like no high beds in hotels. It represented portable accessibility while traveling.

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    Oztent. Hardest part is staking it down. It comes down just as easy as setup.

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