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Thread: extreme burning from TM

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    extreme burning from TM

    HI new symptoms, can anyone help , i am 7months from having idiopathic TM and from what my doctors have told me my leissions are t8 and t10 after 4 months the only problems i was left with were, hot and cold spots in my right leg some numbness , spasms in my legs , bladder and bowel control problems, my right foot would go numb when it wanted to, and a whole lot of back pain. now from my rib cage down to my feet i have complete burning it feels like the worst sunburn you could ever have, i feel like i have vibraters in my legs, and the bottom of my feet are numb, i am also starting to have spasms and tingling in my fingers and i seem to be dropping everything i touch , does this sound like it may be a new occurance of TM happening ,? can anyone tell me anything that may help please.
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