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    Are you sure about the seat to floor measurements? It sure looks like alot more dump then 1.5"

    Can't help yha on price though, But you do have some GREAT friends.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuzyQisforquad
    Not sure about it and don't really know how to measure - just took the measurements off the order form she gave me with the chair.
    Has anyone ever sold a wheelchair on Ebay or any other internet site?
    i haven't sold any on ebay but i look a lot. they usually go pretty cheap on there but they always sell no matter what the price. every manual rigid chair i've watched on there gets a LOT of bids.

    as for the seat to floor height..... measure from the floor to the back of seat sling then measure from floor to front of seat sling. it does look like more than 1 1/2 inches to me also from the pics.

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