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    Bathroom sink

    So I'm putting in a new bathroom with a roll-in shower. I've finished the tiling & am now thinking about a sink. There's not a lot of room. My current idea is this - a concrete countertop with a shallow sink molded into it, but no cabinet underneath (well, maybe something to hide the pipes, but that's an afterthought). Support would be provided by a 2x2 at the wall and 2 cables or chains from the front up to the wall - sketch attached (I think!). That would provide some counter space to the sides of the sink, while creating minimal interference with the power chair & its joystick & my wife's knees. It could even be mounted lower than usual for her easier access. Comments?
    - Richard

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    We just did Jim's bath, c5. Got a sink from Kohler that has the drain near the back and the sink kinda juts out from the formica counter we had built and installed into the wall. He just uses his swing-away joystick to get under the sink. The sink is fairly shallow and easier for him to use. The counter makers came to our house and picked up the sink, measured Jim's knee height, etc and it looks great. Having the counter space is great. For his desk in the office we had cutouts made at each station (computer and reading stand) for his joystick. Maybe instead of chains going up from top you could use supports from underneath far enough apart to allow easy access? Chains might be hard keep clean in a bathroom.

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    I had a similar situation with a small bathroom and had my sink/countertop supported underneath at the ends of the countertop leaving directly underneath wide open for me to pull up under. The support idea was with wood and was the carpenters idea. It worked out great and looked good.


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    Make sure the the pipes are insulated to prevent burns.
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    Thanks, folks!
    - Richard

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