i have found this description about Reeve recovery. can you give me some details about this McDonald’s ABR program??

I'm quad at C4-C5 level Asia B 3 years old from accident date

McDonald’s program acquired considerable visibility when the late actor
Christopher Reeve regained some astonishing, unexpected function after
starting ABR five years post-injury. This was well into the chronic
phase of injury in which, from historical rehabilitation perspectives,
significant functional recovery is considered unlikely. Reeve’s
improvements were documented by McDonald et al, in a 2002 article (J Neurosurg
(Spine 2), 97, 2002).

Five years after sustaining an ASIA-A complete C2 injury due to being
thrown from a horse, Reeve started ABR, continuing it at home. As is the
case with so many clinically classified complete injuries, MRI imaging
indicated that Reeve had a doughnut-like rim of tissue (~25% of normal)
surrounding an injury-site cyst.

After three years of treatment, Reeve improved from an ASIA-A complete
injury, which had been his status for the five years before treatment,
to ASIA-C incomplete injury (the ASIA scale ranges from Grade A,
representing complete injury, to Grade E, representing normal function).
During this period, Reeve’s motor scores improved from 0 on a scale of
0-100 to 20, and sensory scores improved from 5-7 to 55-77 on a scale of
0-112. These improvements correlated with a regained ability to move
certain muscles, including most joints in gravity-countering water.
Sensation as measured by pinprick and light-touch evaluation improved to 50%
and 66% of normal, respectively. This recovery was also associated with
a reversal of SCI-associated osteoporosis, increased muscle mass, a
greatly reduced incidence of antibiotic-requiring infections and other
medical complications, and reduced spasticity.