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Thread: Quad accessible crib

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    SO Encouraging!

    Thanks SO much for the update & pics. I love the crib concept & plan to duplicate something very similar. Luckily my husband is very handy & innovative. I am new to this site & stumbled upon it researching accessible cribs.

    I am 21 weeks pregnant & researching EVERYTHING I can find. So far pregnancy has been great & I have not experienced any complications. We are due in July & having a BOY! I am on cloud nine!!!

    Your posts have offered me a great deal of insight & encouragement....Thanks again. One quick much weight did you gain & has it been difficult to get off? I might be sending your further questions if that is ok.


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    Congratulations on your beautiful bub alissa, and thanks so much for posting your experience and those crib pics. I'm a para and no where near ready for kids yet, but its nice to know things can go so well!

    love and light

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