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Thread: Quad accessible crib

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    There have been some studies that indicate women with higher injuries who do not have full nipple sensation (usually T4) may have problems with continued milk production after the first couple of weeks. This lack of normal sensation appears to impair the suck reflex feedback to the brain to keep producing milk stimulating hormones.

    The first few weeks are the most important time for the baby to get antibodies, etc. through their milk, but it is definately unfortunate as breast feeding is usually much easier than bottles for women with SCI who have babies.


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    Quote Originally Posted by alissa
    scali- I live in Santa Rosa (North SF Bay). You?
    We plan on using the co-sleeper at night for a while and are working to adapt that a little, too. I'm a c6 and can't imagine being able to grab the baby out of the co-sleeper for feeding & putting her back. We're thinking of a sliding system (like a padded drawer or something).
    I want the crib for day use and when she's a bit older. We bought a basic crib and are going to raise it so I can get under, and adapt the railing so it slides instead of dropping.

    What level are you? How do you care for your baby (feeding, changing, lifting). What do you think was the cause for low milk production? Why not ditropan?

    Thanks so much

    OMG- I just peaked at your profile - we were injured on the very same day. How freaky!
    Wow..same day huh? Spooky! I am C7 quad incomplete. I like the co-sleeper because I don't have to raise him as high to get him out of it. We have it level to the bed, so it's easier to get him in and out of it.
    For feeding, I use the boppy pillow to hold him easier. As for changing, we basically bought one of those folding tables and strapped the changing pad onto it. I'll take a picture and show you.
    We bought the long rectangle one. It's adjustable so I can get under it, and when we are done using it, we can use it in the backyard!
    Honestly, I don't do alot of lifting with him. My husband does most of it (from the floor, car, tub, swing, etc.) now that he is bigger, heavier, and squirmier. How much function do you have in your arms? hands? I think that makes a diffference too. I have normal function of my left arm, but some loss on my right, so holding and lifting my son is not as difficult as it might be for someone will less function.

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    Thanks for the info KLD. Is there any known way to artificially stimulate if sensation is a problem? I do have some very deep internal sensation, but not even close to normal.

    Scali-I have strong arms, some wrist, no finger movement. It'll be difficult, but I hope to figure some things out. I think Loosecannon's "stork bag" can work when I'm up - at least for minor lifting.

    Emi- I'm 27 weeks
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    I had problems breast feeding due to lack of sensation (I have sensation everywhere BUT my line of injury). I ended up formula feeding but have heard that oxytocin nasal spray can help by stimulating letdown. Used in conjunction with a supply increaser like Reglan it might be effective. I'm going to go see a lactation dr. next time.

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    Do you have any sensation at all in your breasts? Did you just suddenly dry up 1 day after the first few weeks? Is this too personal?

    Have you tried any herbal treatments like fenugreek and manual compression?

    Thanks again
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    I can feel my breasts but not my nipples very well. I really was not very well supported or informed by my family or the health nurses etc. when I was trying to breastfeed. I have large breasts which made it difficult to handle too.
    All I tried was pumping. I started formula feeding when she was a week old - didn't try long enough. The milk just wasn't coming in, but able bodied women have that problem in the first few weeks too
    I'd get prepared with the number for the La Leche League in your area just in case.

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    Thanks so much for being so open. I have already atarted attending la leche league meetings here. I am also surrounded by young mothers who breastfeed for 2-3 years, so I'm in a really supportive environment.
    My AB sister had 2 babies and had no support, and had huge supply & latching issues - and did not breastfeed very long. Plus, the hospital gave both her babies suppliments while in the nursery, so started them off badly.
    I'm really focusing all my energy into this working for me, so we'll see. I've also been researching some herbs that enhance milk production like fenugreek & blessed thistle.

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    I've heard of people having good results with those herbs.Apparently is a great breastfeeding advice site

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    Please check with a SCI Dr on breastfeeding. I had the same issues as Emi. I have only deep pressure sensation in my nipples and while I produced milk, it wasn't enough to satisfy my babies. They wouldn't gain weight on my breatmilk alone. After 2 weeks, I had to supplement formula and I was devastated. Every lactation nurse we consulted and our pediatrition couldn't figure out why my milk wasn't enough. My mom and grandmother never tried to breastfeed so we didn't know if it was genetic. I had this gut feeling that it was the SCI somehow but didn't consult any SCI dr on it. If I had it to do all over gain I would.
    Good luck and congrats!!!
    C6/7 incomplete
    20 yrs post sci

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    30something - did you try any herbs or drugs like the ones Emi mentions? I wonder if they would really help. Were you also feeding very frequently to try to increase production? Thanks for your help. I really want this to work.
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