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Thread: Quad accessible crib

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    Quad accessible crib

    Does anyone know of a quad accessible or adaptable crib? I would like to be able to get up under it (c-6). TIA

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    I don't know of anything 'off the shelf' that is accessible. Most cribs require you to push the bottom rail while lifting the top to drop the rail. My solution was to have Violet sleep with me but if you are opposed to cosleeping (much easier for middle of the night feedings) I think you will have to design your own crib. There are some good ideas out there on the net but I don't have time to search at the moment.
    How is your mitro doing with the pregnancy? We are trying to get pregnant and I'm worried about the mitro.

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    Hi Emi,

    Thanks for responding. We will be co-sleeping, but I was wanting a crib for day use. We probably will have to build 1 or adapt, I was just hoping for some schematics.

    The mitro is excellent. I can drink plenty of fluids and pee as often as I need to (every 2-3 hrs.).. I have to empty every 2 hrs. or so at night, so I just attach a cath to a leg bag. I think pregnancy would be a nightmare without it. The stoma is popping out a little as I get bigger, instead of my belly button (it's on my lower right side) but no big deal. My urolgist says that it may get harder to push a cath in when I get really big, but nothing to worry about. In case of a c-section, a urologist has to be present so they don't cut through the blood supply to my augmented bladder.

    Oh, and I can't sleep on my right side anymore because I can no longer see the stoma when laying on that side. The left is much better for circulation anyway.

    I am also plagued with chronic utis but don't think that's mitro related.
    "We must become the change we want to see in the world." Gandhi

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    I don't know of any on the market, or even any scematics, but there are some resources out there, and if you have a friend or family member who is handy with tools and basic repairs, you can get something adapated:

    This one is popular for modifying, as you can generally just raise the legs to get under with a wheelchair.

    Here are some additional parenting equipment ideas:

    You may want to consider a co-sleeping bassinet too

    I also know a few couples who have just modified a mesh playpen (by adding a side zipper) and put it on a table (secured of course) that could be rolled under. This one has some possibilities:

    This one would need more modification but also could work:


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    I ended up modifying a standard crib to allow the doors to swing open. As a c6-7 I also thought about raising the crib to a level that would allow me to roll under it, but for me it wasn't necessary. Here's a thread on my modifications -> Good luck!
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    I just remembered this last night ... It can go up to 40 lbs if you buy the upgraded spring. I am hoping to buy it for our next baby. I guess I should sell our crib in the garage sale we are havig. Violet never slept in her crib much. Until she was 4 months old she slept in a bassinet beside the bed then she slept with us - and still does In the day she slept in her highchair that reclined.
    Have you seen the thread of baby equipment ideas on here?
    Are you going to try to breastfeed? I wasn't successful for lot of reasons but mainly (I think that her sucking wasn't stimulating letdown because I couldn't feel it. It was also hard to get her latched on because I couldn't feel it and because my breasts are large and were too hard to handle with my gimpy hands. Next time I will see a lactation doc about drugs like Reglan (I think?) and oxytocin nose spry to stimulate letdown. If I have to formula feed again I will buy this bottle warmer so that my dh doesn't have to get up at night (one sleep deprived parent is enough!).
    If you are thinking of using a sling/carrier I'd go for a Maya wrap type sling over a conventional 'snuggli' type carrier. If you look for attachement parents in your area they will love to help you (not that you have to Attachement parent)
    I'm glad to hear your mitro is OK... how far along are you? I was plauged by UTI's too - well ones I wouldn't normally treat(unsymptomatic) and was on IV antibiotics for months.

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    Thanks everyone for the great links, suggestions, photos...

    Loosecanon- that crib looks great. I imagine that you approached the crib sideways - where you able to lift the baby like that? Could you have raised it to get up under it? How/where did you diaper your baby?

    Emi - what is attachment parenting? I intend on "wearing" the baby. Was the maya wrap easy for you to adjust yourself? How did you lift/move the baby? change diapers?

    I am hoping to breastfeed if all goes well. I think my biggest issue will be ditropan. I take 5mg/day and just sweat so badly without it. I believe it's ok to take, but could affect milk production.

    I'm at 25 weeks
    "We must become the change we want to see in the world." Gandhi

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    Attachement parenting is basically breastfeeding, cosleeping, baby wearing etc.
    I didn't use the Maya wrap with Violet, I had the BabyTrekker but I couldn't use it independently. I tried a friends Maya wrap with a doll a few months ago and it was great. I hooked one sode over my push handle and that helped stop me from falling over.
    I didn't do a whole lot of diapering, picking up Violet although now I do (shes almost 3) but I think I could have when she was a baby. I change her on the bed, I 'park' sideways along the bed but if I have another baby I'll make a change table. Lets see... umm
    1. Get diaper ready (unfolded, velcro undone) and pull wipes from package
    2. Hook forearm under Violets knees to pull her bum to the edge of the bed
    3. Undo Velro (I found Hugies tabs easiest to pull but I had pretty decent hands) and wipe the worst off her bum with Diaper - I hold her legs up with my forearm under her knees pushing her bum up... then wipe etc.
    4. Shove new diaper as far as you can under bum then roll Violet side to side by pushing on her hips to get diaper far enough under and up
    5. Do diaper up.

    This takes me maybe 3-5 minutes now. If you need a video I could take one and email it to you. Private message me and give me your email.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alissa
    Loosecanon- that crib looks great. I imagine that you approached the crib sideways - where you able to lift the baby like that? Could you have raised it to get up under it? How/where did you diaper your baby?
    Hi Alissa,

    You're correct; I get Travis in/out of the crib while my chair is sideways to the crib. During the first 4 months or so I lifted him in/out with a homemade "stork bag". From 4 months on, he's now 13 months, I carefully slid Trav near the edge of the crib mattress and scooped him up.

    Because of my lack of grip I think the "stork bag" was the best adaptive tool I had. It allowed me to seamlessly lift Trav in/out of the car seat, swings, floor, crib, etc... I can send you some pics if you like.

    For a changing table my wife and I use $20 rectangle card table from Target. It's a perfect height for me, but a little short for her. It's long enough to accommodate the powders, creams, clips (we use cloth diapers) and wipes on one end and still have changing room.

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    Emi- I'd love to see a video. How do you handle a toddler, especially out of the house. Do you use a harness?

    Loose- Please send pics of your "stork bag". I've been trying to come up with just that kind of thing.

    Thanks again
    "We must become the change we want to see in the world." Gandhi

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