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    Ok same story still no results. My husband has now had the Doppler twice of the veins and arteries. X-rayed for fractures and blood work. He was low on iron that is all the found but his right leg is still continuing to stay swollen. Should we chalk it up to he has been bitten or sprang something? We have a nurse friend that seems to be concerned that something is being missed.
    He feels fine just swollen right leg an inch to two inches bigger than the left one.
    We do not have a spinal doctor; we have been to our family doctor and two different radiologist.
    I am at a loss our doctor seems to be too. Any Or should we just leave it be?

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    If all the tests say everything is ok, it might just go away. My lower left leg was swollen an inch or two for a few days once also, and it went away. I have a Greenfield filter so this was not so much a worry as if it would be if I didnt, if it was a blood clot that broke loose and made its way up without a filter to catch it, I hear that big problems can happen. Does he have a filter?

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    How is his range of motion in that hip? If it is at all limited or reduced, I would want to rule out HO (heterotopic ossification) as well. In the early stages it may not show up in Xray, but usually alkaline phosphatase (a blood test) is elevated, and a bone scan would show a "hot" spot in the hip.

    A pelvic mass can do the same. This could be evaluated with CT scan or ultrasound.


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    Thank you both for your replies.
    He is able to transfer and his hip seems to move like the left one.
    No he does not have a filter should he?
    Thanks again

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