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Thread: I passed!!!!

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    I passed!!!!

    So I haven't slept for the past three weeks, I'm pretty sure I was starting to develop an ulcer and due to the insomnia, a dialogue between me and anyone else involved short, fragmented, incoherent responses on my part:

    Person: Kiran, how's it goin?
    Kiran: Abuhhhhh.

    All of this craziness because I was anticipating my marks from my first year at lawschool. My marks have now been out for the past four days, but I just didn't have the guts to look at them. I honestly thought I was going to fail because I had a lot of SCI-related health problems and had missed school, so I had started to plan out life after failing outta lawschool, perhaps a surf hut on some remote beach in Thailand.... I was also rethinking family gatherings, which I would obviously have to avoid at all costs because I'd be a disgrace to the family, labelled the "girl who just wasn't smart enough". I know it sounds sorta blown outta proportion and my family would never treat me like that, but you start thinking crazy things when you've had no sleep whatsoever.

    Anyways, like a bandaid waiting to be ripped, I stared at the Submit Request button on our UVIC Web View page which would pull up my marks for like fifteen minutes today before I finally got enough courage to click the button.

    I actually passed and I even managed to get a B- in Torts....personal injury stuff. Go figure, eh?

    Anyways, I have some good friends here, so I just wanted to share the news with y'all.

    Now I get to go house-hunting in Victoria...woot woot.

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    And the truth shall set you free.

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    Thats great Kiran, absolutly fantastic, keep up the good work


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    C5/6 incomplete

    "I assume you all have guns and crack....."

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    That's great Kiran...Congrats, you deserve it

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    Alright, way to go!!!

    That must be a relief. When I first saw the title I passed, thought you passed a kidney stone, lol, then I realized this was the life forum and not the Care forum.

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    Well done.......if you had failed, maybe modeling would have been an option, excuse me for say....but you are very pretty.

    Congratulations KiranA
    C-5 incomplete , walking with crutches. In controlled pain. Respect to all SCI people.

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    Congratulations Kiran, just think 3 more years & you can be a scum sucking leach err I mean lawyer like spanos. Ok bad lawyer joke but I"m trying to get you sensatised, you know looking after your emotional well being

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    Rock On, Kiran!

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    Awesome Kiran! I knew you could do it! Celebration tonight?
    If there is light
    it will find

    --Charles Bukowski

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